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Today’s meeting leader is: dthayer

General Topics / Roundtable

Friends of the Firefox team


Resolved bugs (excluding employees)

Fixed more than one bug

  • Chris Jackson
  • Kriyszig
  • Michael Goossens
  • Reid Shinabarker

New contributors (🌟 = first patch)

  • 🌟 Tanner Drake made sure that we always respect the pref.
  • 🌟 Ben D (:rockingskier) implemented STOMP WebSocket message parsing.
  • 🌟 Chris Jackson, 🌟 Hunter Jones, 🌟 Reid Shinabarker, and 🌟 Manish Rajendran fixed many Picture-in-Picture bugs! See this issue’s PiP section for details.

Project Updates


Add-ons / Web Extensions

Addon Manager & about:addons

  • Changes to the Add-on Manager to support the Promoted Add-ons pilot program have been landed in Firefox 82, in particular to:

    • show in about:addons the new “Verified” and “Line extension” badges (Bug 1657476)

    • allow “Verified”, “Recommended” and “Line” extensions to be hosted on third party websites (Bug 1659530)

WebExtension APIs


Firefox Accounts

Sync and Storage


Developer Tools

  • Shipping Server Sent Events (SSE) Inspector - Server-Sent Events (SSE) is a server push technology enabling a client to receive automatic updates from a server via HTTP connection (mdn). The SSE Inspector is part of the existing Network Panel in DevTools reusing the user interface for inspecting WebSockets.

    • Contributed by a student (former GSoC candidate)

  • DevTools Fission M2

    • Working on main architecture changes and adopting panel by panel.

    • Focusing on testing (preparation for the Fission Nightly experiment, Oct 9)

  • Marionette Fission

    • Main infrastructure changes landed, focusing on individual commands now.


  • The next milestone M6b has 29 remaining bugs. The most significant remaining change remaining is moving most of the session history to the parent process rather than each child. The current plan is to enable this for M6b. You can try it out by enabling the 'fission.sessionHistoryInParent' preference along with ‘fission.autostart’ preference and report any bugs related to bug 1656208.
  • A fission nightly experiment will be launched soon in early October.
  • In early October, Fission will also be available as an opt-in feature in about:preferences for Nightly only.
  • If you find any Fission bugs, please report them under the meta fission-dogfooding. The Fission team appreciates your help. :-)

Form Autofill

Installer & Updater

  • [read-only] Bytesized is taking on the long-standing update related papercut known as the staged updates bug (353804). When this happens, you may see Firefox update...only to be prompted to update immediately again afterwards. The work is still in planning stages (see details here) and will apply to partial updates only. Currently targeting FX 84.
  • [read-only] Nalexander is adding attribution support for macOS (1619353) which is targeting FX 83.


  • No updates this week

New Tab Page

  • On save recs (not really newtab, maybe need a section for Pocket integration into Firefox?)

    • When you save a page you now see 3 similar articles.

    • Looks like this

    • To enable this, set extensions.pocket.onSaveRecs to true, and restart.

    • No experiment for this, we see this as an enhancement, just doing some design tweaks and feedback before turning it on by default.

    • If you try it and have feedback, you can ping @thecount in #pocket-questions slack.


Password Manager

PDFs & Printing

  • 82 printing go/no-go decision to be made today
  • Looking at potential blockers for 82

    • Some users are seeing long dialog loading times

    • Some users are seeing incorrect page sizes where the page is very small

    • Custom margins can no longer be set, adding support for them

    • Occasional preview errors when opening the dialog as the page is loading


  • bigiri has continued working on the ASRouter refactor and is down to just a few remaining broken tests
  • dthayer fixed a bug in sccache and landed his patches that draw a skeleton UI during Windows startup, which you can enable by setting the pref “browser.startup.preXulSkeletonUI” to true (currently only works on Windows with the default Firefox theme)
  • emalysz has been working on migrating the page action strings to fluent and lazifying the page action menu
  • gijs fixed pgo file writing to ensure we collect profiling data from non-webcontent child processes
  • gijs has been investigating different ways we can reduce the DOM size
  • mconley, gijs, florian, dthayer, and esmyth met to discuss the future of BHR, which the team will be working on next month

Performance Tools

  • No updates this week.



Remote Protocol (Chrome DevTools Protocol subset)

Search and Navigation


  • Separate private browsing engine feature (Nightly-only) has been disabled, while we figure out its destiny - Bug 1665301
  • Cleanup the search service after config modernization - Bug 1619922

    • The work completed, any remaining changes will be handled as usual bug fixes.

  • Consolidation of aliases and search keywords - Bug 1650874

    • UX working on a restyle of search preferences

Address Bar:

  • Urlbar Update 2

    • Release moved to Firefox 83, including both search shortcuts and tab to search.

    • Lots of fixes and polish for the search shortcuts functionality (Bug 1659204, Bug 1662477, Bug 1657801, Bug 1658624, Bug1660778, ...)

    • One-off buttons support key modifiers - CTRL/CMD to immediately search in new tab, SHIFT for the current tab (override search mode) - Bug 1657212

User Journey


  • New indicator has slipped again. Thankfully, we seem to have converged on a design that we think we can ship by default, so hopefully that will ride out in 83!
  • mconley is adding Notification Area icons to show device sharing state on Windows

    • This nearly made it in before the soft freeze, but got stymied by an unexpected shutdown leak, which mconley is now investigating.

This week I learned

Meeting Leader Rotation

Add your name below if you want to be in the rotation of leaders:

  • lina
  • harry
  • dthayer
  • jaws
  • mconley
  • emalysz
  • K88hudson