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Today’s meeting leader is: MattN

General Topics / Roundtable

  • [mconley] Please don’t forget to tag your performance bugs with [fxperf] in the whiteboard. Your friendly Front-end Performance Team triages these and makes sure the critical ones get escalated.

    • We also make sure that the platform-y bugs get put into the platform team’s triage queue, so if you’re not sure, just use [fxperf].

Friends of the Firefox team


  • [MattN]

Resolved bugs (excluding employees)

Fixed more than one bug

  • Kriyszig
  • manas

New contributors (🌟 = first patch)

  • 🌟 aichi.p.chang fixed an issue with how we were passing parameters to observers in our region-detecting code.
  • 🌟 codywelsh improved the grid layout in DevTools fission preferences.
  • Duncangleeddean upgraded eslint-plugin-jest.
  • Luc4leone added an option to the debugger editor context menu for the user to be able to wrap / unwrap long lines.
  • Nikhilkumar.c16 swapped the collapse and block icons for blocked network messages in the DevTools Console.

Project Updates


Add-ons / Web Extensions

WebExtensions Framework

WebExtension APIs

  • Fixed a regression on the API, which was excluding non-first party cookies in the requests triggered by the API if the extensions do not have explicit host permissions (regressed in Bug 1437626 and fixed in Bug 1655190)
  • Thanks to Tim Giles Firefox will now be showing in about:preferences if an extension is controlling the password saving pref by using the API (Bug 1620753)


Firefox Accounts

Sync and Storage


Developer Tools

  • Feature development paused
  • Top priorities:

    • DevTools compatibility with Fission

    • Marionette compatibility with Fission


  • A slightly re-organized about:processes is coming:

Form Autofill

  • A/B Testing in Fx80

Installer & Updater

  • Bug 1647422 - Profile Counter Telemetry

    • Although there is an existing profile count metric, this new metric counts across OS users and across reinstallations.

    • Implemented as a scalar: browser.engagement.profile_count

  • Bug 1647443 - Langpack Updates

    • Users who are working with langpacks see their Firefox version flip back to the English with each update because the langpack hasn't been updated yet.

    • At the start of patch download, we now call the add-ons manager to start the langpack update process. We then defer signalling that the update is ready until the language packs are staged.

  • Bug 1639067 - Downloadable Filetype Improvements

    • Similar to the work done to allow users opening PDFs to do so in Firefox, we’re adding to the list of file types that we’ll allow you to open with Firefox after downloading them. We’ll now support users who want to open .xml, .avif, .svg, and .webp files in Firefox in addition to .pdfs.


New Tab Page

  • Working on turning newtab Pocket stories on in new regions.

    • English stories for en-US/en-GB browsers in Ireland and India.

    • Creating a generic English story feed to turn use for en-US globally.

    • German stories for de browsers in Austria, Switzerland, and Belgium.

  • [jaws] With Shirley we’ll be running an experiment to show the default browser notification toolbar on the New Tab Page


Password Manager

PDFs & Printing

  • Tab modal print UI work still in full swing, aiming for 81
  • Uplifting fixes to beta


[The Firefox Wikipedia page with a print dialog showing a preview and print settings] Link


Performance Tools

  • Added experimental event delay tracks. They are disabled by default, you need to enable it from the devtools console by calling `experimental.enableEventDelayTracks()`. Example profile




  • Picture-in-Picture should now be compatible with out-of-process iframes
  • We’ll be testing some variations on toggle appearance and positioning in Firefox 81.
  • User Research is compiling a report based on a week of user studies on the Picture-in-Picture feature. We hope to use this to better inform our future investment in the feature.


Remote Protocol (Chrome DevTools Protocol subset)

Search and Navigation

User Journey


  • We’re testing a default placement of the indicator, where it’s placed at the top-center of the last browser that spawned it
  • mconley has patches up that update the mic/camera buttons in the new indicator to do global muting

    • 447x43px

    • Thanks to jib and pehrsons for the platform support, and to pbz for the reviews

  • The new indicator is sticking to Nightly while we continue to refine the UX

This week I learned