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Planning Meeting Details

  • Wednesdays - 11:00am PDT, 18:00 UTC
  • Mountain View Offices: Warp Core Conference Room
  • Toronto Offices: Finch Conference Room
  • #planning for backchannel
  • (the developer meeting takes place on Tuesdays)

Video/Teleconference Details - NEW

  • 650-903-0800 or 650-215-1282 x92 Conf# 95312 (US/INTL)
  • 1-800-707-2533 (pin 369) Conf# 95312 (US)
  • Vidyo Room: Warp Core
  • Vidyo Guest URL
These notes are read by people who weren't able to attend the meeting. Please make sure to include links and context so they can be understood.

Actions from Last Week

  • ally/jen to come back with an answer on how we feel about Apps/AITC as a blocker to the FF15 apps work
    • AitC is a blocker for FF15. The plan is to have FF15 stand up all the pieces of the apps ecosystem and AitC is an integral part of that. In FF16, the fit and finish for K9o will be done. Any questions ping Jen at
  • matt/alex to figure out why our adobe blocklist didn't eliminate the reader bustage

Schedule & Progress on Upcoming Releases


Firefox Desktop

Release (12, 10esr, 3.6)

  • We're now less than 2 weeks from our next release
  • Notification Bar "block" notifying users that they're running an old version of Flash (<= will go out today. See bug 754723.

Beta (13)

  • FF13 beta 5 will be released on Friday. Code freeze for FF13 is that same day.
  • Barring any urgent blockers, Beta 6 is going to build Monday (5/28, despite Memorial Day) for a release on Wednesday
    • We're targeting FF13 beta 6 to enable 10.8 signing support

Aurora (14)

Nightly (15)

  • Once QA signs off on 10.8-compatible builds today, nightly updates will be re-enabled
  • Merge day will be one day early this cycle - 6/4. This will not affect the release schedule

Firefox Mobile

  • We've fallen into a cadence of building betas on tuesdays and shipping them on Fridays
  • crash stats shows our crash rate below 10 per 100 ADU on beta2, which was our goal for beta1
    • however ratings in the market complain about stability
  • We're looking at what we can do to get native goodness to tablet users as soon as possible


Firefox Sync

  • Services/Meetings/RapidRelease/2012-05-23 today, 2p, in vidyo room 'Services'
  • Native Sync: going well, release & beta blockers cleared! \o/
  • Sync 2.0 temporarily stalled while we assist the Aitc client
    •  :fang is working on shiny new UX for sync 2.0

Apps In the Cloud Server

  • the HSM machines must be moved out of mountain view before public launch.

Add-on SDK

Release (1.7 -> Firefox 12, 13)

  • No big issues noted with the release

Stabilization (1.8 -> Firefox 13, 14)

  • Spinning a 1.8b2 shortly

Development (1.9 -> Firefox 14, 15)

  • Working on gathering data about repacks
  • Discussing an "auto-repack" option once landed in Firefox



Feedback Summary


Firefox 12 issues summary:

We currently have a 5% increase in issues over Firefox 11. This seems to be a combination of issues including:

Firefox 12 is slow - Thread was originally about a gfx card issue, but I think it turned into a pile on thread [1] [2] [3]

Firefox 12 consumes too much memory - Another thread that has spiked but is probably a combination of issues. [4] [5] [6]

Facebook games won't load - Slight spike over 11. Still investigating. [7] [8]

Foxit Reader causing Hotmail issues: Foxit is aware of the issue. They have a fix in the works. We've updated all the threads and are seeing a decrease in the reports. [9] [10]

PDF Issues on Mac - After blocklist we are seeing a dramatic decrease in reports. I've verified the blocklist works. We have updated all the threads and created documentation. [11] [12]

Firefox 12 incorrectly caching pages - Bug filed [13] [14]

FF12 praise summary, down 5% from FF11:

fast: [15] [16]

stable: [17] [18]

Beta (copied from the channel meeting):

  • Update on beta issues:
  • Feature feedback:
    • most of the feedback from the new tab behavior has been positive. Complaints are mostly around the precise behavior of how things show up there or wanting to rearrange/edit the boxes.
    • New home page reactions are pretty mixed, people say that they're having trouble setting/changing away from it and some people wanted a google bar back. Some users want the newtab page to be part of the home page. Cheng is trying to track down a product person for decisions.


Overall, feedback on nativeUI is extremely positive on performance, flash and the redesign. The Google Play rating now shows 4 stars!

For beta2, we are probably more crashy than the mainstream user expectation (but still statistically better than beta1).

Tablet: input issues on v13 XUL did spike last week, of 167 issues, the breakdown is as follows:

  • 31% no flash
  • 19% no desktop view
  • 9% text entry/keyboard problems
  • 9% slow
  • 4.5% I want v14

27 sumo questions this week, 22% are about sync setup:

SUMO also had reports of several bugs:

UX & User Research

Market Insights

Marketing, Press & Public Reaction

Questions, Comments, FYI

Actions this week