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Purpose & Audience

  • Ops, QA, Engineering, Management, Product, Product Marketing, Support. If you have a stake in Sync, someone from your group is expected to be present.
  • last meeting


  • lots of incompletes closed


Firefox 13 (going to release 2012-06-05)

Firefox 14 (going to beta, release: 2012-07-17)

  • Bug 730989 - Refactor identity and authentication management
  • Bug 738767 - Addons label in View Quota is not localizable and displayed in English
  • Bug 741670 - Add-on sync should ignore hotfixes

Firefox 15 (going to aurora, release: 2012-08-28 )

  • Bug 749957 - (sec bug)
  • Bug 745065 - Remove apps sync engine
  • Bug 745396 - Refactor utils functions into {Common,Crypto}Utils
  • Bug 745425 - Move Utils.encodeBase64url to common Utils
  • Bug 748562 - Kill AddPageWithDetails, in Sync
  • Bug 751291 - Rename CryptoUtils._sha1 to CryptoUtils.UTF8AndSHA1
  • Bug 751950 - Sync Key not being loaded for initial sync

Firefox 16+

  • sync 2.0/browser id integration
  • contacts sync

Mobile, Android Native

Firefox 14, aka beta

  • Went out!
  • targeting going to release by end of june

firefox 15

  • should be riding the trains

Life after the 1.0


  • Bug 684783 - Intermittent test_errorhandler.js | test failed (with xpcshell return code: 0) from test_errorhandler.js | undefined == error.engine.reason.unknown_fail
  • Bug 721283 - TPS driver should unload observers on exit (ffx 15)
  • Bug 746659 - Symlink to services-common modules broken in osx bundle (ffx 15)



Seeing some timeout errors under loadtest that we weren't seeing previously, even though the new release doesn't touch the db code. Investigating in Not likely to be a blocker any time in the near future.

Sync 2.0

Spec is near-final. ( Tokenserver work is complete as part of the AITC release. 2.0 server implementation available on Services github.

Current launch target is end of Q3.

Sync 1.1

Longer-term support for 1.1 than originally expected means a couple of changes:

  • Efforts underway to merge a lot of the experimental branches and production branches back into a coherent trunk.
  • Metlog logging being added in
  • Semi-active code development.

I'd expect a significant code push in the first week of June.

Resilient Sync

  • targeting end of q3, going out with sync 2.0

Upcoming Projects

Signing Service

Services has taken over this piece of the marketplace code. It consists of two parts: Hardware Security Modules generating periodic keys, and signing servers that use those keys to sign submitted payloads. Documentation at

Moving the HSM machines from their current location to on of our colos is a blocker for marketplace launch and is targeted for completion before June 21. Signing service migration is not a blocker, but is anticipated to be happening in the same timeframe.

QA, tools, automation, etc

Roadmap, Feature Pitches

  • Sync has no official roadmap at this time, but priorities are generally known
  • No pitches have been submitted

Notes from the meeting

  • nothing of note came up. Ops hears nothing concerning