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The new theme for Firefox will modernize the web browser interface, reflecting the power, simplicity and customizability of the world's most popular browser. Ensuring that the application feels like a natural part of the user's desktop, web life, and task flow are key goals.


  • Streamline UI elements and reduce visual footprint
  • Modernize look and feel
  • Retain visual integration
  • Maintain cross-platform consistency (Where applicable)


  • Alter tab behaviour
  • Maintain compatibility with existing themes


    • Started Implementation
  • Project Lead: shorlander
  • Project Members: Boriss, dao, faaborg, gavin, limi


Timeline / Milestones

Delivery Requirements

  • Requires an add-on compatibility changing application version increment
  • Requires full alpha and beta testing with over 50,000 users on all platforms


  • Designs completed and accepted for Windows (XP, Vista and Windows 7, in Classic and with Windows themes applied), OSX (10.5 and later) and Linux (Ubuntu 9.10 and later)
  • No impact to Ts or TXul metrics


  • Ability to draw in title bar of window on all operating systems (Core::Widget) bug 513157
  • Re-implement tab strip as toolbar (Toolkit::Tabbed Browser) bug 347930
  • Enable Aero Glass for Main Window bug 546259


  • [Perf] Ts and TXUL should be monitored closely as code lands
  • [Compatibility] Test with OS alternate themes (ie: Classic, Tan, Aqua)
  • [Security] No security review required

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