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Meeting Details

  • 11:00am PDT (18:00 UTC)
  • Mozilla HQ, 1st floor conference table
  • join #bonecho for backchannel


  1. Bon Echo Beta 2 Status
    1. Schedule
    2. Long Poles
    3. New Areas of Concern
  2. Any Other Business

Bon Echo Beta 2

buglist: Firefox 2 Beta 2 blockers

  • if you want something in beta2, nominate the bug as blocking-firefox2? or blocking1.8.1? and set the target milestone as Firefox 2 beta2 or mozilla1.8.1beta2; drivers to triage the list daily from here to beta2 release (note: no target milestone means that it's not blocking that target)
  • if you own a blocker and either see no clear path to resolution or have no time to complete, please mark as [at risk]

Schedule Review (uh-oh)

Long Poles

Visual Refresh

  • tracking bug is bug 328065
  • landed (late) last week, several regressions filed
    • some icon fit and finish issues
    • search box fixes yet to come
  • accounts for about 30% of the Firefox2 blockers, about half code and half graphics, meeting with Radiant Core this afternoon to do a theme specific triage
    • schrep: who's doing the work at the moment? any way to parallelize?
    • mconnor: that's what I'm trying to figure out this afternoon
    • beltzner: landing patches gets more eyes on the problem, any news on when they're supposed to land the rest of the code changes
    • mconnor: I'll know better after meeting this afternoon
    • beltzner: we'll push an announcement to dev.planning based on the outcome of that meeting
    • pkasting: any idea of how much work has been half done here?
    • mconnor: will look into it
  • beltzner: who's available to help with visual theme stuff?
    • pamg, seth, myk, dietrich, jhughes will be back next week

Tab Overflow

  • design discussion & patches in bug 343251
  • seth: some regressions due to the new theme, but that's all I'm aware of, those are on file

Spell Check

  • master tracking in bug 341420 and bug 338999
  • brettw: pretty cool here, just need to fix selection of table cells which I broke, should take me until tomorrow

Pref Panel

  • in on branch, but not in a shippable state
  • jwalden: 7 bugs left, 3 accessibility, 4 are polish (content pane squish on mac, finalize anti-phishing ui, focus rects). Plus the EULA dialog for anti-phishing.
  • schrep: can you use any help on that?
  • jwalden: no, I've got it all mostly started, should be a couple of days to completion
  • schrep: can someone take the anti-phishing stuff
  • beltzner: do we have plans to make the EULA nicer?
  • jwalden: looks like we're going to include a link to a privacy dialog in the pref bundle for anti-phishing provider which will make the links clickable

Software Update

  • major/minor update support (bug 329729) still marked as blocking, should we move it?
  • seth: nag timeout needs to be resolved as does what do we do when major update w/compatibility problems?
  • seth: strategy is to land the strings for beta and then the rest for RC and backport to


  • tony: large fonts patch should fix some/most of the RTL issues; could make a proper fix to have the bubble go the other way
  • tony: for encryption, posted updated patch, waiting for review from bob lord, then need to change anti-phishing to use the new encryption UI
  • tony: should take a few hours after getting bob's review
  • cbeard: licensing arrangement is still in legal, which means that the full set of blacklisted URIs might not be available for beta2, but they'd become available sometime after beta2 is released
  • axel: how many pages is the reporting URI localized into?
  • tony: into the sixteen tier 1 locales for Firefox

JS 1.7

  • brendan: I need to consult with mrbkap. We have some unfinished work that's important to fix, but I don't know if they'll requiring holding the beta. There are a couple of bugs left which I'll request blocking for if they should block beta2.
  • brendan: need to talk to mrbkap about a few other bugs that might be bad to ship, more to come!

Any Other Business