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Meeting Details

  • 11:00am PDT (18:00 UTC)
  • Mozilla HQ, 1st floor conference table
  • join #bonecho for backchannel


  1. Bon Echo Beta 2 Status
    1. Blockers
    2. Long Poles
    3. Schedule Update
    4. New Areas of Concern
  2. Any Other Business

Bon Echo Beta 2

Bug lists

  • Firefox 2 blockers for Beta 2 (approx 40 34 bugs remaining)
  • Firefox 2 blockers for post beta 2 (approx 100 91 bugs remaining)
    • to target a blocker for Firefox 2 beta2, set blocking-firefox2? or blocking1.8.1? and target milestone as Firefox 2 beta2 or mozilla1.8.1beta2
    • if you own a blocker and either see no clear path to resolution or have no time to complete, please mark as [at risk]
  • beltzner: of the 40 blocking beta2, 29 are front end bugs and 9 of those are visual refresh
  • mconnor: coverage seems to be spread across a good range
  • mconnor: not managing the mozilla1.8.1beta2 list actively, we need to do that after this meeting because I feel like there's a lot of stuff there that doesn't actually block the beta. The only one that I don't really know about is bug 340198

Long Poles

Visual Refresh

  • tracking bug is bug 328065
  • there is a list of visual refresh blockers (9 targeted for beta2, 12 more targeted post-beta2)
  • down to 10% of remaining beta2 blockers
  • mconnor: On track to getting that done by tomorrow midnight, most of those 9 are in process already.
  • mwu: I'm trying to figure out how to un-break Linux themes, might have to back out the new dropmarkers for forward/back to do this

Tab Overflow

  • design discussion & patches in bug 343251
  • seth: I'm just blocked on code reviews on pinstripe, and then waiting for winstripe to land so I can work on the problems that will come from that tabstrip landing; working with Radiant Core already on this.

Spell Check

  • master tracking in bug 341420 and bug 338999
  • pkasting: there's a nasty crash bug about spellcheck in designMode (bug 348497) which might require that we back out support for designMode. Apparently has little to do with spellcheck, but rather with the way we activate designMode.

Pref Panel

  • waldo: only some phishing protection stuff left to do that includes some new strings

Software Update

  • major/minor update support (bug 329729) still marked as blocking, should we move it?
  • seth: the blocking issue here is some string changes for accepting the EULA; after that we're going to move some of the work for this into a post beta2 release.
  • cbeard: I need someone to help me get the new EULA landed, see bug 348741


  • tony: there's a new bug about server load bug 348625 that this new feature is going to end up driving.
  • beltzner: does the reporting of the user action happen even in offline mode?
  • tony: no, it does not

JS 1.7

  • brendan: one bug (bug 348685) that we've marked as a beta blocker and is waiting for approval, other than that we can wait

Other Issues

  • bsmedberg: what about bug 347899 which is causing crashes on nightly updates? should that block beta2?
  • dbaron: it wasn't seen today, and might be related to bug 348360
  • schrep: does anyone own this?
  • beltzner: no, but I don't think it should block beta2
  • schrep: we should get someone to test this with yesterday's nightlies to confirm whether or not it's been fixed or still exists; I'll ask dave or ispiked.
  • seth: I'm a little concerned that winstripe's tab strip changes won't land with enough time to test fallout
  • mconnor: it will land today, which gives us tomorrow to test fallout; we've got a good handle on regressions based on what happened with pinstripe.

Schedule Review

  • August 16: code freeze at 11:59pm PDT
  • August 17-25: beta rcs, qa, l10n-qa, release notes
  • August 25-31: planned ship date, depending on respin requirements

Any Other Business