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Meeting Details

  • 11:00am PDT (18:00 UTC)
  • Mozilla HQ, 1st floor conference table
  • join #bonecho for backchannel


  1. Bon Echo Beta 2 Status
  2. Bon Echo RC1 Planning
    1. Theme, Software Update, Phishing Protection, JS 1.7
    2. Any new areas of concern?
  3. Schedule Update
  4. Any Other Business

Bon Echo Beta 2 Status

Bug lists

  • Firefox 2 blockers for Beta 2 (Zaroo bugs!)
  • Mac respun last night as the first RC was built with xforms (oops)
  • beta2rc2 candidate builds are being tested by QA
  • left to do before release:
    • update and so new bookmark and internal URIs don't 404 (see bug 349092 and others)
    • release notes (no bug yet, beltzner and reed to handle)
    • determine beta2 release date (QA and build to provide input)

Beta 2 Release Date

  • schrep: l10n needs "about a week" to catch up to our last minute string changes
  • timr: we'll start l10n smoketests next Monday and builds available midday on Wednesday, then mirroring and everything means that we'd be looking at a release midday on Thursday (Aug 31)
  • timr: in the meantime, we're doing regression tests, a lot of new JS tests, security library tests, extension testing, top100 site testing.
  • If people want to help testing, there are two areas
    • Extra eyes on new features
      • New features can be seen on schedule and results page in bold. You can go to litmus to run existing manual tests in this area or just do some ad hoc/experimental testing in these bold areas. Either add info about what you tested (your name, feature tested, build id, Version string) to the Result section at the end of the schedule and results page or email results for
    • Help with top site and extension testing

  • schrep: when we know that we're beyond the respin window, let us know so we can re-open the tree
  • timr: that should be by the end of today when we're done the suite of BFTs
  • schrep: Update on 8/22 6PM PDT. We are far enough along and don't see any new issues so I'm re-opening the tree.

Bon Echo RC1 Status

  • Firefox 2 blockers for post beta 2 (100+ remaining, ~40 of which are unowned)
    • if you own a blocker and either see no clear path to resolution or have no time to complete, please mark as [at risk]

Visual Refresh

  • tracking bug is bug 328065
  • a large number of blockers are than theme releated blockers (more than 40)
    • mconnor and beltzner to go through this list and make design and WONTFIX decisions, so please don't grab any theme bugs until tomorrow morning
    • Radiant Core will continue to provide artwork support
    • need additional people familiar with theme code to assist implementation polish issues (volunteers/tolds: myk, pam, ben, seth, joe)
  • mconnor: as we did with pinstripe, we're now using images for the tabstrip on w32, which is causing problems with high contrast themes and we're looking at ways of doing graceful fallback (this is due to a lack of anti-aliasing CSS support in Fx2)
  • mpilgrim: you can use nsILookandFeel to determine if high contrast is in use
  • mconnor: yeah, I want to determine if there's a way to choose between Luna and Classic

Software Update

  • there's an unconfirmed bug about SWU bailing on update (bug 349570 resolved WFM)
  • there's a confirmed and long-existing bug about SWU breaking uninstall from the Windows Control Panel (bug 349551)
    • rstrong: this could be a problem with the installer, and I have a patch in progress and am working with bsmedberg


  • several new blockers to meet server side requirements (tracked in bug 349227)
    • darin: things look to be going well, and I'm signed up to help with reviews here
    • tony: should be OK, expect to be done by EOW, will raise hand if I need help

JS 1.7

  • schrep: bunch of bugs, low risk, just cleanup mostly

Any new areas of concern?

  • brettw: question about a spellchecking bug, but I don't want to break things; if you type a contraction, it marks the first part as misspelled as soon as you type the '
    • schrep: small safe patch would be OK, otherwise I don't think it's worth it
    • (general agreement here)

Schedule Review

  • August 20: code freeze at 11:59pm PDT
  • August 28th: l10n checkins completed
  • August 28-?: beta rcs, qa, l10n-qa, release notes
  • RC1 lockdown: 3-4 weeks after B2 release

Any Other Business

  • sspitzer: I'd like to test the major update system on a nightly
    • beltzner: good idea, we'll want to heavily pre-announce that
  • timr: Sun is willing to help us do l10n testing