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Meeting Details

  • 11:00am PDT (18:00 UTC)
  • Mozilla HQ, 1st floor conference table
  • join #bonecho for backchannel


  1. Bon Echo Beta 2 Status
  2. Bon Echo RC1 Planning
    1. Theme, Software Update, Phishing Protection, JS 1.7
    2. Any new areas of concern?
  3. Schedule Update
  4. Any Other Business

Bon Echo Beta 2 Status

Bug lists

Beta 2 Release Date

  • On target to release Thursday, Aug 31st assuming no stop-ship items discovered in L10N builds which are now available as candidates
    • locales look to be in pretty good shape
  • we'll be updating Alpha1/2/3 and Beta1 users to Beta2 upon release
    • schrep to check AUS pings to see if we need to update Beta1RC1 users, too

Bon Echo RC1 Status

  • Firefox 2 blockers for post beta 2 (100+ remaining, ~4 of which are unowned)
    • if you own a blocker and either see no clear path to resolution or have no time to complete, please mark as [at risk]
    • drivers are starting to take less and less risk (see schrep's recent devnews post for details)
    • schrep: product is in good shape, but without really good regression testing coverage and understanding of risk we simply can't afford to take patches this late in the game
    • schrep: we have about as much development time between now and RC as we do for a dot-dot security/support release
    • myk: are the lists being revisited to ensure everything on them are actually blockers?
    • schrep: mconnor/beltzner are handling the Firefox2 list, I'm handling the 1.8.1 list, we're in decent shape

Visual Refresh

  • tracking bug is bug 328065
  • a large number of blockers are than theme releated blockers (more than 30)
  • keep filing issues, CSS and icon tweaks can be taken late
  • if you have code changes, get them done sooner than the CSS and image issues!

Software Update

  • seth: talked to marcia and davel about test plans, one bug has come up (minor UI issue, trying to determine if it's a regression/real)
  • beltzner: still thinking of doing a nightly update as a major to see how that's going to work?
    • schrep: should do that a week after beta2 sometime to give build team time to recuperate from the beta2 release
    • seth: when we fake the major update there's a "never" button that we'll need to make sure doesn't hurt users


  • several new blockers to meet server side requirements (tracked in bug 349227)
  • tony: everything seems on track, plans in place, just implementation, awaiting review on a couple of bugs

JS 1.7

  • Jesse's fuzzer is finding fewer and fewer problems and is testing more and more

Any new areas of concern?

  • brettw: want to make sure the dictionary download site is in the release notes

Schedule Review

  • Firefox Beta 2: tentative Aug 31st release
  • RC1 lockdown: tentative Sept 13th at 11:59pm PDT

Any Other Business

  • none!