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Assigned 2006-03-14
Owner Action
preed change channel to "beta" for 1.8.1 build machines
schrep annouce Alpha1 code freeze and date
ben/schrep/anyone else meet at 10am to triage bugs for alpha1
sherman drive requirments for safe browsing
all review PRD
schrep kickoff discussion on performance metrics and dashboards
ben checkin on visual refresh team
rstrong send Mark Pilgrim the current installer (minus the files for install)
Assigned 2006-03-07
Owner Action
brettw move default bookmark file to /content to avoid l10n
darin send testcases to preed, timr for testing 1.5.x -> 2.0.x update
dveditz set up meeting to talk about securing extension space from malware attacks
rstrong talk with shaver about how to handle the user experience around extension compatability between 1.5 and 2.0
schrep talk to preed about when we could push Fx2 Alpha 1
schrep talk to preed about when we can get 1.8_BRANCH nightly updates again
Assigned 2006-02-28
Owner Action
beltzner co-ordinate the work to get places back on trunk by default
beltzner determine correct branch/trunk version numbers
darin talk with preed about requirements for AUS when we push 2.0a1
timr test the opt-in "full" update mechanism from AUS for moving from 1.5 nightly -> 2.0a1 nightly
ben meet with schrep on monday to deliver Places estimates
timr talk with annie about co-ordinating QA efforts
Assigned 2006-02-21
Owner Action
ben set up meeting for Friday, Feb 24 w/schrep to set new milestone targets
cbeard get in touch with darin & fritz re: anti-phishing strategy
beltzner complete and land patch to rebrand branch builds to "Bon Echo"
Assigned 2006-02-14
Owner Action
beltzner post to DevNews about turning on --enable-places
beltzner review EM Dependency strings for A1
bsmedberg enable places by default on trunk and branch as of 2006-02-16
cbeard figure out licensing issues w.r.t. english and l10n dictionaries
rob_strong follow up on questions in Extension Locale talk pages
schrep set up breakout meeting for performance metrics
shaver update target platform uplift wiki documentation
Assigned 2006-02-07
Owner Action
beltzner update Visual Refresh wiki documentation
beltzner determine what (if any) Visual Refresh features can make A1
ben update RSS wiki documentation
ben scope timings for Places A1 deliverables
ben scope what portions of RSS will hit A1
brettw update inline spell check wiki documentation
brettw determine what inline spell check features will hit A1
cbeard complete PRD documentation
cbeard hold breakout session on Anti-Phishing w/ben, beltzner, schrep
cbeard hold breakout session on visual refresh w/beltzner, schrep
cbeard update Anti-Phishing wiki documentation
cbeard determine what Anti-Phishing features can make A1
darin update Offline Mode, Instrumentation documentation
darin determine what Offline Mode, Instrumentation features can make A1
dietrich update Session Restore wiki documentation
dietrich determine what (if any) Session Restore features can make A1
gavin update Search Enhancements wiki documentation
gavin determine what Search Enhancements can make A1
mconnor update Tabbed Browser Enhancements wiki documentation
mconnor determine what Tabbed Browser Enhancements can make A1
rob_strong meet with schrep to determine nature of Branding & Update channel feature
rob_strong update Extension Manager wiki documentation
rob_strong create Installer wiki documentation
rob_strong determine what Extension Manager, Installer features can make A1