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Firefox Product Delivery Meeting Details

  • Wednesdays - Firefox 3 - 11:00am Pacific, 2:00pm Eastern, 18:00 UTC
  • Mozilla Building S
  • 650-903-0800 or 650-215-1282 x92 Conf# 8605 (US/INTL) <-- note new extension: x92 instead of x91!
  • 1-800-707-2533 (pin 369) Conf# 8605 (US)
  • #shiretoko for backchannel

NOTE: See Platform#Meeting_Notes for development meeting notes

Firefox 2.0.0.x / 3.0.x

  • Firefox -> 3.0.4 Major Update
    • aiming for major update final on Thursday, December 4
  • Firefox and 3.0.5
    • respin was required
    • 3.0.5 candidate available
    • Phishing Protection (uses SafeBrowsing v1 protocol) will be disabled in Firefox (Phishing and Malware Protection using SafeBrowsing v2.2 protocol will be available in Firefox 3.0.5)

Firefox 3.1 Development

(see development meeting notes)

Beta 2

  • builds are now available and being tested
  • hoping for Dec 5th release date, should know by end of today

Branch completed

  • Tinderbox page
  • the active development repo for Firefox 3.1 work as of Monday, and trunk (mozilla-central) will re-open to non-blockers



  • David's Support l10n proposal [1]
  • New help-topic link: "Learn More" link when user is notified that places.sqlite is locked. bug 466125
  • Backend web site code for displaying 3.1-specific content is scheduled to be pushed around mid-December. bug 457027


  • New 3.0.4 issues (tracking on RRRT page):
  • Follow-up from last week's 3.0.4 issues (see 3.0.4 RRRT page):
  • New topcrash: bug 467284

  • Follow-up from last week's issues:


  • 1.9.1 l10n repositories open for business
  • dashboard is up and running, with all comm-central apps and fx 3.1 listening to the 1.9.1 l10n repositories.


  • Beta 2 in testing
    • Tracking issues found here. Nothing blocking.
      • Updates just arrived, known issues: all win32 + linux zh-CN do not offer partial mars.
      • ETA on webpages?
    • ETA qa signoff for all is 1 day after webpages arrive.

Release Engineering

  • FF3.1b2 build2
  • FF3.0.5 handed to QA
  • FF2.0.0.19 respin; patch landed last night, builds not yet restarted.
  • Major update
  • FF3.1 branch live; l10n coming. let us know if you see any problems.


  • Starting to strongly encourage add-on developers to work on 3.1 compatibility. See Updating extensions for Firefox 3.1 for documentation and Paul's blog post for our initial messaging on this.
  • Firefox 3.1 documentation work continues with new content covering HTTP access control and an article on Listening to events that includes some useful information for 3.1 compatibility.
  • If you have anything you consider in urgent need of documentation for beta 2, or anything that directly affects the 3.0 to 3.1 compatibility transition for addon developers, please contact Eric Shepherd or anyone in the Evangelism team.