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Firefox Product Delivery Meeting Details

  • Wednesdays - Firefox 3 - 11:00am Pacific, 2:00pm Eastern, 18:00 UTC
  • Mozilla Building S
  • 650-903-0800 or 650-215-1282 x92 Conf# 8605 (US/INTL)
  • 1-800-707-2533 (pin 369) Conf# 8605 (US)
  • #shiretoko for backchannel

NOTE: See Platform#Meeting_Notes for development meeting notes

Firefox 3.0.x Releases

Firefox 3.0.11

  • found a regression, have to respin
  • no set date for final release yet; will know more tomorrow
  • aiming for Thursday next week or early the week after

Firefox 3.0.12

  • on track for mid-July release
  • may push out a bit because of 3.0.11 respin


  • As always: Support/Firefox3.5:Forumthreads
  • Possibly new OSX crash that's plugin related: bug 495474. Under investigation.
  • Do we have followup on blocklisting MyWebSearch? bug 449062 -- lots of @user32.dll crashes on crash-stats but probably not all of them are this.
  • Support Firefox Day likely pushed back a week to June 18th... waiting on final RC release date before finalizing date of SFD.
  • If you have bugs with defined crash signatures and proven workarounds, CC cwwmozilla@gmail and we'll put together a KB article so users can help themselves via about:crashes rather.


Firefox 3.5/Gecko 1.9.1 Development Update

Beta 4

  • 800k users on beta (10k on shiretoko nightly)

Firefox 3.5 RC

  • 2 blockers left
  • looks like we'll finish up today
  • roll RC builds tonight, start QA tomorrow 1.9.2 Planning


  • Still updating 3.5 RC 1 changesets for QA, new set by Multilingual QA
  • l10n server chewing to regenerate data for next iteration of the dashboard as we speak
  • l10n builds for Firefox and Fennec now with l10n merge
  • yahoo plugin updates?


  • Bug Verifications last week
  • Upcoming Testdays
    • Web Site Testing ... Testday this friday 6/5; Tweet it, please. This might change if RC1 is available this Friday.
    • Previous week Firefox 3.5RC1 Testday Results
      • Had a max of 44 in the testday channel at its peak
      • 984 test cases run on litmus with 471 on Windows, 354 on Linux and 159 on Macs
      • Full Litmus report can be found here
      • Major contributors: chrisblore, gialloporpora, amitphukan, ken-s, nemo, deimidis, shutnik, tmyoung,
      • Toptester: tmyoung with 236 testcases run!
      • 5 Bugs found and bug 495495 added to 3.5 RC1 relnote thanks to AaronMT
    • Still working on details and instructions for an upcoming company-wide testday. Dogfooding encouraged.
  • Website Compatibility Testing Project
    • We are always looking for volunteers to test their banking institution (especially internationally) Please register and contribute your results. Join us for the testday this Friday.

Release Engineering

  • FF3.0.11 build#2 handed to QA early this morning.
  • waiting for go on FF3.5rc1 :-)


  • Compatibility up 6% from last week
  • Java Console removal should be considered
  • Review queue burndown on 6/27 & 6/28
  • New AMO launch on 6/9/09
  • Firebug 1.4b1 now on AMO



  • 35 Days
    • Evangelism/Firefox3.5/35Days
    • Starting to get content in
    • Blog is going to be up friday, will do intro then
    • Content starts on Monday
    • Going to keep us crushingly busy for quite a while
  • Upgrade the web
    • WP Plugin - plugin is about ready to go, saw it earlier this week with full buttons + functionality
    • Should be done at the end of the week
  • WP 2.8 work continues - more advice from Honza, etc
  • Docs continue to be basically done, aside from the occasional minor tidbit that comes to our attention.


  • Remaining projects include: updating press section of the site, updating screenshots, new background illustration and l10n
    • Thank you video is staged
    • Making final tweaks to What's new in 3.5 video
  • Firefox 3.5 press tour happening this week in NYC and DC - Melissa and Beltzner
  • Firefox 3.5 launch materials:
    • Reviewers guide and FAQ complete
    • Finalizing press deck, press release and stats page
    • l10n of reviewer's guide in progress