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Mozilla - Fairphone Meeting

FP interest in FxOS

Fairphone see advantages of FxOS :

  • Privacy
  • Longevity


FP is still an alive product for FP : they are still looking for a solution to solve they update locked situation.
Mozilla porting coordinator first thought to focus on FP2, but is open to give a try at FP1 (after FxOS v3 massive launch work done).

FP2 / FxOS v3 Agendas

FP2 Released Sept. 2015 - Will lunch with an other OS than FxOS
FxOS v3 release seems to be in about a year from now approx
Prototype FP2 + specs: mid-june

  • Go-nogo
  • Express needs : device, code open/proprietary, ...

FP want to have a consistent communication but don't need to keep secret they hardware.

FP2 Hardware

Qualcom 8974, dual sim
-> Target devs that are used to this chipset.

FP2 Porting resources

FP have a partnership with Thundersoft in China. Thundersoft made the initial port of FxOS (for the Flame).
FP wish for that the port can live by it's own and be maintained by the community : longevity and user independence.

Porting strategy

Mozilla propose a sprint strategy, as it can't dedicate internal resources but can just support volunteer initiatives (Device volume is good but not enought high).
-> Needs, time, place & people need to be defined.

Other OS partners

FP is in contact with other OS makers:

  • Ubuntu : had chat at WMC2015
  • Jolla : some feedback; They are in a more advance state with them. Jolla could provide an OS for FP2

Next Meeting

Schedule in one month.