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Hungary Launch Team

The core launch team helps bring Firefox OS to market in their country by taking on a number of responsibilities. All team members received training on how to do these activities and also support from the Mozilla Engagement team throughout the launch period.

The Hungary Firefox OS Launch Team is made up of 6 volunteers from the Mozilla Community.

Meet the Team

  • Team Lead: István Szmozsánszky
  • Communications Lead: Balázs Koren
  • Marketing Lead: Kálmán Szalai
  • Social Media Lead: Leona Szalai
  • Training Lead: -
  • Dev Eng Lead: István Szmozsánszky
  • Translation: Gábor Kelemen

Former members:

  • Gergő Lippai - Team Lead
  • Ádám Toldi - Training & Team Lead
  • Gergő Nagy - Dev Eng Lead

Current Work

After Firefox OS phones failed to gain traction following the Hungarian launch, the team started to focus on developer outreach, open web tech evangelism and education. These efforts still continue to date, even as Firefox OS consumer device sales have eventually came to a stop.

Developer Outreach

We are still continuing online Firefox OS developer support, keep evangelizing Open Web technologies and Firefox OS at meetups, whole-day events (like the Android vs. Firefox OS event or the Open IT conference), workshops and conferences.

Education Efforts

We are very excited about our Education efforts. Spearheaded by Krisztián Karóczkai, the Firefox OS e-learning course has launched first in early 2014 at Óbuda University. Today, after 3 consecutively more and more successful semesters we are ramping up our efforts, trying to scale the course to the be able to accommodate the new influx of universities and colleges joining the program (the fourth semester will start with 6+ institutes all across Hungary), regularly experimenting with new projects and pilots, like the Webmaker course starting this next semester at Óbuda University.

To learn more about education efforts, visit the dedicated Wiki page.

Hungary Mobilizers

Mobilizers Mission

Be a champion for Firefox OS – the new, revolutionary OS for smartphones – empowering our communities with the power of the open Web in YOUR hands.

What are Mobilizers?

Mobilizers are tech/geek enthusiasts that are committed to spreading Firefox OS, Mozilla's new mobile product. Mobilizers receive periodic missions asking them to do a simple action to teach others about the new Firefox OS. Mobilizers can also attend, assist or host events in their market. Mobilizers come together on open Facebook groups.

Meet Hungary's Firefox OS Mobilizers

Team Mobilizer Hungary:

Promotional Events & Activities

Developer Outreach and Events

Sales Training

Newsworthy Impact