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Hungarian Mozillians' efforts on spreading organized, state-of-the-art Open Web education across Hungary by collaborating with higher education institutions in Hungary and the wider Carpathian Basin.

Project participants

Krisztián Karóczkaiproject lead

  • Web developer, Mozilla Rep, teacher & PhD student @ Óbuda University.
  • Krisztián has bold plans to help us spread Mozilla/Firefox OS (but ultimately, open web) education in Hungarian higher education institutions. Part of these plans is arranging long-term education partnerships with main educational centers across the country and onboard them onto the Firefox OS K-MOOC pilot-program, which is a live streamed one-semester-long lecture on Firefox OS application development, happening simultaneously in all participating institutions.

Szmozsánszky István "Flaki"project contributor

  • Mozilla Rep, Firefox OS developer lead
  • project organizer
  • occasional teacher
  • Firefox OS development & mentoring
  • community organizer

Szalai Kálmán "KAMI"project contributor

  • - Open Source Evangelist, Mozilla Rep
  • project organizer
  • occasional teacher

Project branches

Firefox OS K-MOOC course

Free, open, Hungarian-language e-learning course for Firefox OS application development and Open Web technologies, started by Krisztián Karóczkai at University of Óbuda in 2014. The course is runs its 4th consecutive semester in the fall of 2015, live-streamed to 6+ partner institutions, with an expected attendance of 100 students.
Read the Firefox OS course wiki for more information.

Webmaker K-MOOC course

Pilot course for a Mozilla Webmaker HTML/CSS/JavaScript course hosted by University of Óbuda, held by Krisztián Karóczkai, taking place for the first time in the 2015 fall semester.
Read the Webmaker course wiki for more information.

Ongoing work

Preparations for the 2015 fall semester are in full swing: Firefox OS course re-launching in 6+ institutions with updated course material, and a new Webmaker course coming to University of Óbuda.
Read the 2015 fall semester wiki for more details!.