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A (non-exhaustive) list of Firefox OS applications created by developers in the Hungarian Firefox OS community.

Winning entries from the Firefox OS Application Development Contest by Telenor Hungary

Dedicated Firefox OS application development contest in 5 categories. Winners were announced by Telenor Hungary on October 21st, 2013. Winning apps:

  • Check-in Fox (Social category) – FourSquare client for Firefox OS
  • Sliding Puzzle (Games category) – sliding puzzle game
  • Dino Player (Media category) – streaming cloud music player app
  • Budapesti Menetrend (Travel category) – public transport timetables for Budapest
  • OwlCalc (Misc. category) – mathematical expression evaluator app

Applications by students of the Firefox OS university course

Applications created by students of the „Mobile application development on the Firefox OS platform” course as a graduation requirement.

Other applications