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The engagement team has one overarching purpose: to get people to contribute their time or money to supporting our efforts to protect the open web.

Our work is divided based on the types of relationships we build:

  • Fundraising and Partnerships (aka 1 to 1 relationships): We administer the pipeline ("close" people and money), and we build a development strategy and cultivate long-term opportunities.
  • External Communications and Campaigns (aka 1 to many relationships): We execute marketing and community engagement campaigns, and we help determine the overall narrative arc for the Mozilla Foundation, and ensure we’re telling one, solid, cohesive story.

We also work to build capacity for fundraising and communications among individuals in the Mozilla community:

  • Studio MoFo: Our in-house service team supports programs with design, copywriting, and building sites and assets.
  • Training and support: We also provide training and support to build skills amongst community members.