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Public meeting note of Sep 3rd, 2013

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Nothing is committed until it lands in a release :) .

These are the features mainly driven by the Taipei teams, in co-optations with other teams in Taipei and around the world. We are not meant to take all the credit :)

Gaia for Tablet

Fred, Tim

  • Organized minimized koi+ bugs

3rd-party keyboards framework

Rudy, Gary

  • Gecko shell.js loading issue resolved, landed.
  • Backed out on Fri because of TPBL Gaia UI test fail because of the element id change, reland after undo the element id change
  • Keyboard settings in review, maybe adopt template.js

Simplified Chinese IME


  • Engine API change because of 3rd-party keyboard change
  • re-doing patch right now.

Gaia build script


  • Modularization in progress.
  • Trapped in the to settings.js land/backout cycle, resolving
  • Will open up indiviual bugs for people for help out once the build script unit test framework is completed.

Window management upgrade


  • HomescreenWindow patch in review
  • Window disposition returnable in review
  • Remove window.close() in e-mail app because it will interference system app operation above.
  • next: ActivitiyWindow

Gaia for WVGA


  • John: many non-reproducible bugs being reported by vendor.
  • We should only resolve what's reproducible on master

CDMA phone support


ext. functional team update: comms

Steve, Rex

  • CDMA record information, waiting for spec, display message position etc.
  • emergency callback need to build emulator to test (instead of actually calling the police)

BT feature support


  • inline pairing
  • completed returning device address
  • targeting demo next week (review to be sent this week)

Internship mentorship: system app unit tests


  • Merged wifi testcase
  • fixing bluetooth testcase
  • airplane more test case

Internship mentorship: eng. mode / showcase app


  • Writing more test cases on the app.
  • Unable to test hardware keys
  • Will submit a WIP patch this week.

TSOC mentorship: test coverage


  • The patch has been r+'d. Will be landing soon.

ext. functional team update: media

Dominic, John

  • Many of the features are blocked by IAC
  • AVRCP is good, demo next week
  • John: working on camera recording sound, to be put into customization
  • John: working on Video app refactor

ext. functional team update: productivity

Ian, Evan

  • Clock app on-going, watching
  • Integration test runtime to be move from B2G/Desktop to Firefox
  • A Alarm API mock was made for testing E-mail notification