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Public meeting note of Oct 22nd, 2013

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Nothing is committed until it lands in a release :) .

These are the features mainly driven by the Taipei teams, in co-optations with other teams in Taipei and around the world. We are not meant to take all the credit :)

Cursor management / Selection / Copy-paste

Enabling user to move caret and select text easily, optionally enable copy and paste.

  • User stories: SystemPlatform 25/26 (must have), SystemPlaftorm 27 (nice-to-have)
  • User story bugs:
    • bug 921965 - [Keyboard][User Story] Text Selection
    • bug 921964 - [Keyboard][User Story] Cursor movement
  • Meta bug(s): bug 924419 - Support text selection in Firefox OS
  • Devs: Rudy, Jan(?), SC Chien, Phoebe
  • UX: Carrie
  • Status (updated: 2013-10-22):
    • Phoebe and SC are looking at how to draw caret handle from Gecko. They are thinking to paint the caret handle in nsCaret::PaintCaret() because this is the place we draw the caret. However, this approach might be harder for customization since the draw option is mostly hard-coded in C++.
    • We have a draft UX spec, and this will finalize this week.

New Camera App features, Gaia part

Enable users to config photo size, better viewfinder, etc.

  • User stories: Device 1/2 (nice-to-have)
  • User story bugs:
  • Meta bug(s):
  • Devs: Gary
  • UX: Rob
  • Status (updated: 2013/10/15): Confirmed with Joe Cheng, this feature change to 'nice-to-have' and wait UX input.

Dual SIM Dual Standby (Settings and minimal UI)

Enable minimal usability of DSDS feature on device (Settings app and some icons on status bar, lock screen, etc.). Not productization ready for v1.3.

  • User stories: DSDS1/2/3/4/5 (must have)
  • User story bugs:
    • bug 918533 - [B2G][DSDS][User Story] Settings necessary for DSDS feature
  • Meta bug(s):
  • Bug(s):
    • bug 928280 - [DSDS][Gaia] Need Sim cards manager in settings app [See dependency tree for bug 928280]
    • bug 928284 - [DSDS][Gaia] Users should able to launch sim cards manager from the status bar
    • bug 928294 - [DSDS][Gaia] Settings app should support call settings of multiple sim cards
    • bug 928297 - [DSDS][Gaia] Settings app should support cellular & data settings of multiple sim cards
    • ---
    • bug 928851 - [Gaia::Settings] stop using the settings key '' to turn off RIL radio
    • bug 927724 - [DSDS][Gaia] Voicemail webapi will be changed for DSDS, so all relevant Apps has to be modified accordingly.
    • bug 928325 - [DSDS][Gaia] WebIccManager API will be changed for DSDS, so all relevant Apps has to be modified accordingly.
    • bug 926169 - [DSDS][Gaia] MobileConnection webapi will be changed for DSDS, so all relevant Apps has to be modified accordingly.
  • Devs: Arthur, EJ
  • UX: Carrie
  • Status (updated: 2013-10-22):
    • Scope confirmed. Gaia engineering bugs created.
    • A few gecko APIs are ready to be landed but in Gaia we need to do corresponding changes before landing to ensure not fail the tests.

Near Field Communication (System app & Settings app work)

Enable FxOS devices to use NFC.

Settings switches

Adding toggles to Settings app for EAP-SIM, MTP, format SD card, and other must-have items from other platform teams in Taipei

  • User stories: WLAN1/2/3 (must-have), Device4/5 (nice-to-have)
  • User story bugs:
    • Format SD card: Bug 921105 [Devices][User Story] SD card formatting
  • Meta bug(s):
    • EAP-SIM: Bug 926334 [Gaia] To support EAP-SIM option in WLAN setting, Bug 926341 [Gaia]: To support WPA-EAP options in WLAN setting
  • Devs: Ian, EJ, Arthur
  • UX: Neo
  • Status (updated: 2013-10-22)
    • EAP-SIM: Confirmed the scope with the PM, RD working on gecko, and Neo. Waiting for UX spec.
    • format SD card: Waiting for UX spec.
    • MTP: Gecko is not going to be ready within this release. Drop the feature.

Tablet (v1.3)

Continue to improve tablet experience of FxOS since v1.2. Instead of polishing all apps, make several apps with full tablet experience.

  • User stories: N/A, expect some must-have items.
  • User story bugs:
  • Meta bug(s): Bug 903304
  • Devs: Fred, George, Tzu-Lin
  • Status (updated: 2013-10-21):
    • UX will release new spec for gallery/video/music/settings and new building block for tablet before the end of Oct
    • QA start flatfishRun1 and files bugs, most of them are under investigating
    • Landed last week:
      • 908601 Support new |default orientation| API in system app
        • 911668 change build-in apps orientation to default
      • 920445 remove search bar from homescreen
        • 927749 hide add collection menu option when searchbar is hidden
      • 911117 Headset icon is lost on status bar if booting up with headset plugged
    • In review:
      • 911681 replace FTU tutorial images
    • Working:
      • 928254 - [Flatfish][Gallery] support 2 column layout for tablet
      • 903920 - [Flatfish][Video] support 2 column layout for tablet
      • 903918 - [Flatfish][Settings] support 2 column layout for tablet
      • 921327 [homescreen] show 6 icons in a row on tablet
    • Block:
      • 928643 (gecko) able to disable all RIL functions in build time
      • 903917 - [Music] support 2 column layout for tablet (need Media team feedback)

CDMA commercialization (v1.3)

Expect to fix some bugs on CDMA during v1.3 cycle.

  • User stories: N/A, expect some +'ing items.
  • User story bugs:
  • Meta bug(s):
  • Devs: Arthur
  • Status (updated: 2013-10-22):

3rd-party keyboard framework follow-up

Expect to fix some follow-up bugs on 3rd-party keyboard framework, a bug feature we rolled during v1.2.

  • User stories: N/A, expect some +'ing items.
  • User story bugs:
  • Meta bug(s):
  • koi+ bugs:, 15 bugs in total (updated: 2013-10-22)
  • Devs: Rudy, Gary
  • Status (updated: 2013-10-22):



    • Bug 917048: The keyboard doesn't show up when trying to enter characters into compose message field -- GaryChen
      if app (iframe) is new and opened, the element.focus() will lost .

Zhuyin IME

Enable users in Taiwan to type Traditional Chinese.

  • User stories: SystemPlatform 29 (nice-to-have)
  • User story bugs:
  • Meta bug(s): N/A
  • Downstream repo:
  • Devs: Tim, Rudy
  • Status (updated: 2013-10-22):
    • Bug 908577 (upstream the 2013-JUL version) is being reviewed, inc. the glue code to keyboard app. Need to update the patch to upstream 2013-OCT.
    • IndexedDB dependency is removed from downstream repo. Binary database size = 4.2MB. Need test usability on low-end phones
    • QUnit tests now runs on Travis-CI with SlimerJS. jszhuyin.png

Settings Engineering

Engineering item. Refactoring part of the Settings app and write more tests. Resolve state control issue with some Gecko APIs.

  • User stories: SystemPlatform 30 (nice-to-have)
  • User story bugs:
  • Meta bug(s):
    • bug 916642 - [Bluetooth File Transfer][Settings] Extracting common logic to a shared utility object from the two apps.
  • Related bug(s):
    • bug 922658 - [Settings] Lazy load subpanels
    • bug 924409 - [Settings] Need for inline activity for calling settings
  • Devs: Arthur, Tzu-Lin, Gecko dev #3
  • Status (updated: 2013-10-22):
    • Will have a discussion on refactoring bluetooth panel (bug 916642) with Ian and Evelyn.

Window management upgrade

Engineering item. Hardening window management in System app to enable future needs. Loosely related to Haida.

IME API w/ hardware keyboard

Enable hardware keyboard (regardless of connectivity) to work with Keyboard applications. See also to Bluetooth Keyboard.

  • User stories: SystemPlatform ?? (nice-to-have)
  • User story bugs:
  • Meta bug(s): bug 929365
  • Devs: Luke, Ben Tian
  • Status (updated: 2013-10-22):
    • Hardware keyboard API proposal from Tim (Wiki)
    • bug 922478 - (apc-io) [Keyboard] Have a way to disable / enable soft keyboards

Hardware button events for apps

Enable applications to access and consume hardware buttons on the phone.

Bluetooth file queue

Continue to improve bluetooth features (file queue) since v1.2.

  • User stories: BTP13/15 (nice to have)
  • User story bugs:
    • Bug 921085 [User Story] Multiple file transfer UI
  • Meta bug(s):
    • Bug 929306 [Gaia][Bluetooth File Transfer] Multiple file transfer UI
  • Devs: Ian, Arthur
  • UX: Neo
  • Status (update at 2013-10-22): File queue: UX spec v1.0 is in reviewing state. Gaia will plan to implement in this week.

Bluetooth keyboard

Allow user to connect and use Bluetooth keyboard to device. See also IME API w/ hardware keyboard.

  • User stories: BTP16/17 (nice-to-have)
  • User story bugs:
  • Meta bug(s):
  • Devs: Ian, Arthur, Luke
  • Status (updated: 2013-10-15): On halt. Not a 1.3 feature.

Build script improvement

Enable developers to build Gaia with a Firefox add-on; make build script testable and modularized.

  • User stories: SystemPlatform20/21 (nice-to-have)
  • User story bugs:
  • Meta bug(s): bug 922543
  • Devs: Yuren, Tzu-Lin, John Hu


Bug 921417 - rewrite build/ in javascript 
[John Hu] A workable WIP is finished and waiting for the definition of "origin" field in variant.json. Unit tests are needed in this WIP.
Bug 922463 - rewrite build/ in javascript 
[Yuren] now we have a workable WIP patch, but still fixing some issue for shared directory.
Bug 922540 - rewrite build/ in javascript 
[tzhuang] had a WIP patch with download part completed and keep working on the rest of the functionality of it (which are extracting and installing extensions).
Bug 921417 - rewrite build/ in javascript 
John had a WIP commit for this, we are figuring out how to use download module in firefox extension
Bug 922463 - rewrite build/ in javascript 
Yuren had a WIP commit, we try to integrate multilocale process into webapps-zip for localization without changing gaia source tree.
Bug 922540 - rewrite build/ in javascript 
tzhuang is studying this.

Engineering mode / Hardware showcase app

Present a test app to show capability of the OS (and it's APIs), and evaluate the OS for readiness of hosting such app.

  • User stories: SystemPlatform 28 (nice-to-have)
  • User story bugs:
  • Meta bug(s): bug 883714
  • Devs: Tom, Fred
  • Status (updated: 2013/10/22):
    • Bug 913385: review+, fixing problems on Travis build.
    • Fix the bugs of geolocation, orientation and multiactivities. (need bug #)
    • Currently working on CSS dimension test (need bug #)

Screenshot comparison tool for integration tests

Taking screenshots during integration tests to confirm visual changes, like, BBC wraith.

  • User stories: Screenshot comparison tool for integration tests
  • User story bugs:
  • Meta bug(s):
  • Devs: Jason, Evan, Yuren
  • Status (updated: 2013/10/22):
    • - Generate a report shows screenshots in current and previous version.
      • It will be a individual npm module finally.
    • To do:
      • Merge server side and client side to a individual npm module as a command line tool to do integration test and get screenshots comparison result at once.

ext. functional team update: media

  • Sprint 1 & 2 Priority:
    • Stabilizing 1.2 and KOI+ blockers
    • Finishing 1.2 Nice-to-haves
    • Engineering user stories
      • Refactoring work
      • Unit / Integration tests for media apps
      • Move current music ui to music2

ext. functional team update: comms

  • V1.2 stabilizing:
    • koi? triage
    • Keep fixing koi blocker issue.
  • v1.3 Sprint1 and Sprint2 user story in Taipei:
    • Message app:
      • Released UX Spec(until 10/22): MMS subject/draft
      • Delivery report: Need final UX confrim(Sprint3)
      • Read report: Need final UX confrim(Sprint3) and api confirm(Sprint4)
    • DSDS(Dual Sim Dual Standby): TBD, wait for UX final spec.(v0.3 draft currently)
  • Increase unit-test coverage (r+ for unit-test added patches only)

ext. functional team update: productivity

  • Fix koi+ bugs ( last 5 bugs)
    • [B2G][Email] Receiver's email address displays as "null" after saving, editing, and then saving the draft again
    • [email] webactivity-triggered compose activity does not trigger after creating a new account created because there were no existing accounts
  • POP3
  • JS Marionette on TBPL
    • [marionette-js-runner] Stage marionette js runner on TBPL
  • Prepare the JS Marionette Introduction talk.