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Public meeting note of Nov 26th, 2013

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Nothing is committed until it lands in a release :) .

These are the features mainly driven by the Taipei teams, in co-optations with other teams in Taipei and around the world. We are not meant to take all the credit :)

Cursor management / Selection / Copy-paste

Enabling user to move caret and select text easily, optionally enable copy and paste.

  • User stories: SystemPlatform 25/26 (must have), SystemPlaftorm 27 (nice-to-have)
  • User story bugs:
    • bug 921965 - [Keyboard][User Story] Text Selection
    • bug 921964 - [Keyboard][User Story] Cursor movement
  • Meta bug(s): bug 924419 - Support text selection in Firefox OS
  • Devs: Rudy, Jan(?), SC Chien, Phoebe
  • UX: Carrie
  • Status (updated: 2013-11-05):
    • We are limiting v1.3 scope to cursor moment only, selection (and copy-paste) will be done in later versions.
    • Phoebe is working on a prototype in bug 924692
    • SC is investigating bug 931495; will try to avoid making fixing this bug as a requirement for v1.3 feature.

Dual SIM Dual Standby (Settings and minimal UI)

Enable minimal usability of DSDS feature on device (Settings app and some icons on status bar, lock screen, etc.). Not productization ready for v1.3.

  • User stories: DSDS1/2/3/4/5 (must have)
  • User story bugs:
    • bug 918533 - [B2G][DSDS][User Story] Settings necessary for DSDS feature
    • bug 927764 - [B2G][DSDS][User Story] Selection of SIMs for MO voice/USSD/SS, MO Text, MO Data call
    • bug 926347 - [B2G][User Story] [DSDS] Selection of the SIMs during FTE
    • bug 926350 - [B2G][User Story] [DSDS] Call configurations
    • bug 926352 - [B2G][User Story] [DSDS] Network selection
    • bug 926351 - [B2G][User Story] [DSDS] SIM PIN
    • bug 921980 - [B2G][DSDS][User Story] Display operator name for each SIM
    • bug 926342 - [B2G][DSDS][User Story] Put all SIMs in airplane mode
    • bug 931160 - [B2G][User Story] [DSDS] Select which SIM should be in standby (either 1 or both)
  • Meta bug(s):
  • Bug(s):
    • DSDS gaia bugs
    • bug 928280 - [DSDS][Gaia] Need Sim cards manager in settings app [See dependency tree for bug 928280]
    • bug 928284 - [DSDS][Gaia] Users should able to launch sim cards manager from the status bar [Moved to v1.4]
    • bug 928294 - [DSDS][Gaia] Settings app should support call settings of multiple sim cards
    • bug 928297 - [DSDS][Gaia] Settings app should support cellular & data settings of multiple sim cards
    • ---
    • bug 928325 - [DSDS][Gaia] WebIccManager API will be changed for DSDS, so all relevant Apps has to be modified accordingly.
  • Resolved bugs(s):
    • bug 927724 - [DSDS][Gaia] Voicemail webapi will be changed for DSDS, so all relevant Apps has to be modified accordingly. (EJ)
    • bug 928851 - [Gaia][DSDS][Gaia::Settings] stop using the settings key '' to turn off RIL radio (Arthur)
    • bug 926169 - [DSDS][Gaia] MobileConnection webapi will be changed for DSDS, so all relevant Apps has to be modified accordingly. (EJ)
    • bug 928325 - [DSDS][Gaia] WebIccManager API will be changed for DSDS, so all relevant Apps has to be modified accordingly. (Arthur)
    • bug 921389 - [DSDS][Gaia] Need to show signal strength, network status, and SIM status for DSDS. (Arthur)
  • Reviewing bug(s):
    • bug 928280 - [DSDS][Gaia] Need Sim cards manager in settings app [See dependency tree for bug 928280] (EJ)
  • Working bug(s):
    • bug 921390 - [DSDS][Gaia] Need to show carries' names in lock screen for DSDS. (Arthur)
    • bug 926356 - [Gaia][DSDS] To enable/disable radio for all SIMs when airplane mode is off/on. (Arthur)
  • Devs: Arthur, EJ
  • UX: Carrie
  • EPM: Joe
  • Status (updated: 2013-11-26):
    • All gecko APIs are landed.
    • DSDS devices are ready.

Near Field Communication (System app & Settings app work)

Enable FxOS devices to use NFC.

Tablet (v1.3)

Continue to improve tablet experience of FxOS since v1.2. Target for 1.3 developer release. Instead of polishing all apps, make several apps with full tablet experience.

  • User stories: N/A, expect some must-have items.
  • User story bugs:
  • Meta bug(s): Bug 903304
  • Devs: Fred, George, Tzu-Lin, EJ, John, Dominic
  • Status (updated: 2013-11-26):
    • Media team (John, Dominic) will help for review/implement tablet layout of video/music
    • Landed:
      • bug 911684 �[FTU] hide SIM contact import when not support telephony
      • bug 937495 [Flatfish][FTU] update images and wordings in Tutorial Steps (EJ)
      • bug 942020 [Flatfish][Clock] button in Timer & Stopwatch not big enough, right margin larger then left one
      • bug 941552 [Flatfish] Long press power, tap on 1 of the 4 options, icon duplicates and overlapped with text
    • Reviewing:
      • bug 928254 [Flatfish][Gallery] support 2 column layout for tablet (George)
      • bug 903920 [Flatfish][Video] support 2 column layout for tablet (John)
      • bug 903918 [Flatfish][Settings] support 2 column layout for tablet (dwi2)
      • bug 930948 [Flatfish] marionette test on tablet (George)
      • bug 929883 [Flatfish][Homescreen] PhotoFrame (fred)
      • bug 929369 [Flatfish][System] Make value selector dialogs not fill full screen (fred)
    • Working:
      • bug 932081 [Flatfish][Music] support 2 column layout for tablet (Dominic, see media team for details)
      • bug 934326 [Flatfish][Settings] Menus and Dialogues in Settings should follow specs (dwi2)
      • bug 929875 [Flatfish][Gallery] Slideshow (George)
      • bug 940921 [Flatfish] [BuildingBlock] Make time selector not fill full screen
      • bug 940922 [Flatfish] [BuildingBlock] Make date selector not fill full screen
    • Blocking:
      • bug 920921 Flatfish has bad performance on Homescreen wiping
      • bug 905065 [FlatFish][BuildingBlocks] Shared style modification for Tablet (George)
      • bug 936401 [Flatfish] The detail of notification information doesn't scale correctly (fred)

3rd-party keyboard framework follow-up

Expect to fix some follow-up bugs on 3rd-party keyboard framework, a bug feature we rolled during v1.2.

  • User stories: N/A, expect some +'ing items.
  • User story bugs:
  • Meta bug(s):
  • koi+ bugs:, only 1 bug left to resolve (updated: 2013-11-26)
  • Other open issues for 3rd-party keyboard:
  • Devs: Rudy, Gary
  • Status (updated: 2013-11-26):


  • keyboard OOP support
    • The last gecko bug for keyboard OOP has landed.
    • On v1.2, this would be pref'd off - bug 941885 - Pref Off 3rd Party Keyboard Support for 1.2.
    • Targeted at v1.3 to get 3rd-party keyboard support shipped.


  • Resolved bugs
  • Work in Progress
    • bug 918863 - [B2G][Browser][Youtube]Search does not execute after pressing enter.
      • Xulei has a patch to be verified.
    • bug 910697 - [Keyboard][V1.2] FxOS shows up the previous keyboard layout before displaying the correct one.


  • Resolved bugs
    • bug 913783 - [Keyboard][FTE] Enable language-associated keyboard when language is selected (for 3rd-party keyboard support)
    • bug 913784 - [Settings][Keyboard] Language selection should also enable associated built-in keyboard layout (for 3rd-party keyboard support)


  • Resolved bugs -
  • Work in Progress
    • bug 913784 - [Settings][Keyboard] Language selection should also enable associated built-in keyboard layout (for 3rd-party keyboard support)
      • Patch in review
    • bug 913783 - [Keyboard][FTE] Enable language-associated keyboard when language is selected (for 3rd-party keyboard support)
    • bug 910697 - [Keyboard][V1.2] FxOS shows up the previous keyboard layout before displaying the correct one.


  • Resolved bugs -
    • bug 912010 - [Keyboard][V1.2] Default Keyboard when all keyboards are de-selected, has been fixed.
    • Will start to handle this week, bug 863719 - [Meta] First Time Experience/language selection & default keyboard selection work for 3rd-party keyboard support.



    • Bug 917048: The keyboard doesn't show up when trying to enter characters into compose message field -- GaryChen
      if app (iframe) is new and opened, the element.focus() will lost .

Settings switches

Adding toggles to Settings app for EAP-SIM, MTP, format SD card, and other must-have items from other platform teams in Taipei

  • User stories: WLAN1/2/3 (must-have), Device4/5 (nice-to-have)
  • User story bugs:
    • EAP-SIM: Bug 920936 [Devices][User Story] Automatically set default setting to 802.1x EAP-SIM (older version)
    • EAP-SIM: Bug 926341 [UX] To support WPA-EAP and EAP SIM options in WLAN setting (11/20 update)
    • Format SD card: Bug 921105 [Devices][User Story] SD card formatting (11/25 update)
  • Meta bug(s):
    • EAP-SIM: Bug 926334 [Gaia] To support EAP-SIM option in WLAN setting (WIP, pre-review)
    • Format SD card: Bug 929860 [Gaia] SD card formatting
  • Devs: Ian, EJ, Arthur
  • UX: Neo
  • Status (updated: 2013-11-26)
    • EAP-SIM:
      • Gaia patch is in feedback process. We plan to land the feature with auto-detecting API in this week. Bug 926334 (Won't be blocked by Gecko)
      • Have to support import CA file to selector options. Gecko has risk for landing import API. Bug 917102 (reviewing)
      • Have to support EAP method for PEAP/TLS/TTLS. Gecko has risk for landing it. Bug 745468 (implementing)
      • Have to support EAP SIM. Gecko is working on functionality. Bug 923359 (blocking by partner side)
    • Format SD card: Spec. version 1.1. Gaia is on working the feature. Bug 929860 The API is in the reviewing process. Bug 841660 (reviewing)
    • MTP: Gecko is not going to be ready within this release. Drop the feature.

CDMA commercialization (v1.3)

Expect to fix some bugs on CDMA during v1.3 cycle.

  • User stories: N/A, expect some +'ing items.
  • User story bugs:
  • Meta bug(s):
  • Devs: Arthur
  • Status (updated: 2013-11-12):
    • Bug 905081 "SIM" should be replaced by "UIM" on CDMA phone.
      • Create multiple bugs for each related app for tracking. (Settings, system, contacts, dialer, FTU, Cost control, SMS)
    • Bug 909266 [wasabi] Roaming preference setting will not be saved if reboot DUT right after change the setting.
    • Bug 913326 [wasabi] Changes of voice privacy setting won't be saved if reboot right after enable or disable it.

Window management upgrade

Engineering item. Hardening window management in System app to enable future needs. Loosely related to Haida.

  • User stories: SystemPlatform 31 (nice-to-have), may have some +'d item for Haida.
  • User story bugs:
  • Meta bug(s):
  • Design Doc:
    • Made during SFO SysFnd ww.
  • Devs: Alive, Greg
  • Status (updated: 2013-11-26):
    • Current: bug 907013: AppWindowManager, added 460+ unit tests, fixed 100+ integration tests. will r? this week.
    • Next: PopupWindow/AttentionWindow/BrowserWindow
    • v1.3 would have a invisible system browser. Need homescreen hack(dale) + browseropenwindow event handler in system(alive or ben)
  • Meta bug 902766: [Meta][Window Management] new Window Management System
    • bug 905112: [Window Management] Implement Wrapper Factory
    • bug 911053: [Window Management] Activity Window
      • bug 927310: Propagate activity-done event from activity frame
      • bug 934653: aria-hidden is inverted and false
    • bug 853711: [Permission] AppPermissionDialog
    • bug 905116: [Window Management] HomescreenWindow
      • bug 916058: Next paint seems too late to happen after 905116
      • bug 915517: [Window Management][HomescreenWindow] When window is closed, if homescreen is crashed at background, don't need to wait for next paint event
      • bug 939732: When the phone first booted, home screen is launched with visibility set to true
    • bug 907013: [Window Management] AppWindowManager (updated: 2013-11-19, f+=timdream, writing tests)
      • bug 936676: [gaiatest][b2gperf] match the apploadtime event with the application being launched
      • bug 937456: [Window Management] Remove WindowManager or AppWindowManager reference in system app
      • bug 933590: [Window Management] Remove 'WindowManager' reference in gaia-ui-tests, update to latest API or do not rely on it.
      • bug 936010: Migrate `displayed_app` to use native Python client functions
    • bug 911880: [Window Management] TrustedWindow
    • bug 913323: [Window Management] Gaia Window Identifier
    • bug 916661: [Window Management] AppAuthenticationDialog (Included in bug 907013)
    • bug 916659: [Window Management] KeyboardWindow
    • bug 916660: [Window Management] AppModalDialog (Included in bug 911053)
    • bug 916661: [Window Management] AppAuthentication Dialog
    • bug 916709: [Window Management] PopupWindow
    • bug 916803: [Window Management] AppChrome (Included in bug 907013)
    • bug 921828: [Window Management] AppListMenu
    • bug 927862: [Window Management] AttentionWindow
    • bug 931341: [Meta][Activity Management] Web activity Management
      • bug 929829: [Activity Management] Icon splash is broken in activity
      • bug 929866: [Activity Management] Crash notice in activity
      • bug 930848: [BrowserAPI] Implement mozbrowserapplaunch event
      • bug 930850: [BrowserAPI] Implement mozbrowseractivitylaunch event
    • bug 934631: [Window Management] BrowserWindow
    • bug 935260: [Window Management] SheetViewManager (new CardView)
      • bug 939809: [User Story] Update Task Manager to Match Edge Gesture Navigation
      • bug 935750: [Window Management] CardView should know app is killed
      • bug 937442: [Window Management] Implement LockscreenWindow to manage LockScreen
    • bug 918792: [meta] Edge Gestures
      • bug 919495: Explore event re-dispatching for side gestures in the system app
      • bug 919498: Use side gestures to switch between sheets and not only apps
    • bug 938965: [Window Management] Orientation Manager
      • bug 939027: [Orientation Mgr] Force lock orientation when system is booted
    • bug 938968: [Window Management] LayoutManager (Included in bug 907013)
      • bug 937445: [Window Management][MultiWindow] Enhance LayoutManager for MultiWindowManagement
    • bug 938972: [Window Management] BaseWindow
    • bug 938973: [Window Management] VisibilityManager (Included in bug 905116)
    • bug 938975: [Window Management] TransitionController (Included in bug 907013)
    • bug 938977: [Window Management] FTUWindow
    • bug 938979: [Window Management] AppSIMPINDialog
    • bug 940164: (gaia-bootstrap) [Window Management] Refine Gaia Bootstrap Process

Build script improvement

Enable developers to build Gaia with a Firefox add-on; make build script testable and modularized.

  • User stories: SystemPlatform20/21 (nice-to-have)
  • User story bugs:
  • Meta bug(s): bug 922543
  • Devs: Yuren, Tzu-Lin, John Hu, Greg


Bug 897325 - Create web UI for homescreen customization 
[Yuren Ju] part 1 pull request landed, part 2: 1st round review finished, part 3: WIP
Bug 922463 - rewrite build/ in javascript 
[Yuren] 1st round review finished.
Bug 922540 - rewrite build/ in javascript 
[tzhuang] landed
[experiment] Split shared library 
extracted libgaia-html (Greg)
[experiment] Split gaia into multiple repositories per app 
try to extract gaia-calendar (Greg)
Bug 897325 - Create web UI for homescreen customization 
[Yuren Ju] 1st round review finished
Bug 922463 - rewrite build/ in javascript 
[Yuren] 1st round review finished.
Bug 922540 - rewrite build/ in javascript 
[tzhuang] r+.

Settings Engineering

Engineering item. Refactoring part of the Settings app and write more tests. Resolve state control issue with some Gecko APIs.

  • User stories: SystemPlatform 30 (nice-to-have)
  • User story bugs:
  • Meta bug(s):
    • bug 916642 - [Bluetooth File Transfer][Settings] Extracting common logic to a shared utility object from the two apps.
  • Related bug(s):
    • bug 922658 - [Settings] Lazy load subpanels
    • bug 924409 - [Settings] Need for inline activity for calling settings
  • Devs: Arthur, Tzu-Lin, Gecko dev #3
  • Status (updated: 2013-10-29):
    • Had a discussion on with Ian and Evelyn. Will extract a common object from system/js/bluetooth.js to /shared at first.
    • Will help review Kevin's patches.

IME API w/ hardware keyboard

Enable hardware keyboard (regardless of connectivity) to work with Keyboard applications. See also to Bluetooth Keyboard.

  • User stories: SystemPlatform ?? (nice-to-have)
  • User story bugs:
  • Meta bug(s):
  • Devs: Luke, Ben Tian
  • Status (updated: 2013-10-22):
    • Hardware keyboard API proposal from Tim (Wiki)
    • bug 922478 - (apc-io) [Keyboard] Have a way to disable / enable soft keyboards

Hardware button events for apps

Enable applications to access and consume hardware buttons on the phone.

Bluetooth keyboard

Allow user to connect and use Bluetooth keyboard to device. See also IME API w/ hardware keyboard.

  • User stories: BTP16/17 (nice-to-have)
  • User story bugs:
  • Meta bug(s):
  • Devs: Ian, Arthur, Luke
  • Status (updated: 2013-10-15): On halt. Not a 1.3 feature.

New Camera App features, Gaia part

Enable users to config photo size, better viewfinder, etc.

  • User stories: Device 1/2 (nice-to-have)
  • User story bugs:
  • Meta bug(s):
  • Devs: Gary
  • UX: Rob
  • Status (updated: 2013/10/15): Confirmed with Joe Cheng, this feature change to 'nice-to-have' and wait UX input.

Engineering mode / Hardware showcase app

Present a test app to show capability of the OS (and it's APIs), and evaluate the OS for readiness of hosting such app.

  • User stories: SystemPlatform 28 (nice-to-have)
  • User story bugs:
  • Meta bug(s): bug 883714
  • Devs: Tom, Fred
  • Status (updated: 2013/11/25):
    • blocked by:
      • bug 883723 - hardware key events should be able to listened by other apps.
      • bug 923361 - [Meta][User Story] getUserMedia API for image/video capture (WebRTC-Video)
    • landed:
      • bug 929313 - [UITest] CSS dimension test
      • bug 929315 - [HW test] geolocation needs permission
      • bug 929318 - [HW test] Radio test
      • bug 931719 - [HW test] unlock button in orientation test test doesn't work
      • bug 931723 - [HW test] multiactivities doesn't work
      • bug 931726 - [HW test] change recording test to gUM test
      • bug 931727 - [HW test] update paths in UItest
      • bug 931729 - [HW test] async dual alert cause settimeout invalid
      • bug 933571 - [HW test] iframe shows nothing in keyboard test
      • bug 933617 - [UITest][HW test] prevent CPU sleeping when turning off screen
      • bug 935835 - [HW test] [polish] highlight the selected tab
      • bug 937122 - [UITest] add video permission for API/getUserMedia video test
      • bug 938952 - [UITest] provide a way to exit fullscreen mode
      • bug 938966 - [UITest][HW test] WiFi test
      • bug 939016 - [UITest] Move css out of HTML
      • bug 940802 - [UITest] style fix
      • bug 929313 - [HW test] CSS dimension test
    • working bugs:

Screenshot comparison tool for integration tests

Taking screenshots during integration tests to confirm visual changes, like, BBC wraith.

  • User stories: Screenshot comparison tool for integration tests
  • User story bugs:
  • Meta bug(s):
  • Devs: Jason, Evan, Yuren
  • Status (updated: 2013/10/22):
    • - Generate a report shows screenshots in current and previous version.
      • It will be a individual npm module finally.

getUserMedia permission refactor

Voice and Video getUserMedia permission refactor

Devs: fred, (schien, alfredo)

Status (updated: 2013/11/26) Landed: 11/26

  • bug 940531 The persistent notification should display the origin, rather than the full URL for active getUserMedia requests


  • bug 917367 No notification visible indicator implemented for when getUserMedia audio is active
  • bug 919927 [Permission] use permissions instead of permission/option/options


  • bug 914028 Display video (camera) device list in permission acquisition prompt

ext. functional team update: media

  • Sprint Priority:
    • Stabilizing 1.2 and KOI+ blockers
      • bug 938967 [fugu][hamachi]The video had be sought to 00:00 could not be played from background to foreground
    • Finishing 1.2 Nice-to-haves
    • Engineering user stories
      • Refactoring work
      • Unit / Integration tests for media apps
      • Move current music ui to music2
      • Camera refactoring for adding more features now - bug 933939 meta bug
  • Flatfish Works
    • Video app - bug 903920 (under reviewing)
    • Music app - bug 932081
      • bug 936385 - [music2] [1] Re-layout the whole ui (1-2 Landed, Evan is working on 1-1)
      • bug 936397 - [music2] [2] Implement the current views with tablet style (Part 1 for 2-2 and 2-3 got r+ and f+, but travis is red)
      • bug 936405 - [music2] [3] Implement the player (Dominic is working on this)
      • bug 936419 - [music2] [4] Implement the search (Jim is working on 4-1)
      • bug 936423 - [music2] [5] Handle localization

ext. functional team update: comms

  • V1.2 stabilizing:
    • koi? triage
    • Keep fixing koi blocker issue.
      • Landed: Bug 923646: Conference Call Screen is missing call duration for an active call (In review)
  • v1.3 Sprint4 and Sprint5 user story in Taipei:
    • Message app:
      • Ongoing user story: Bug 919977 - Support delivery reports(functionality ready, working on test cases).
    • DSDS: Got higher priority in Sprint 5. Features related to comms apps(Owned by Taipei/gaia side):
      • Message: Bug 928330 Notify user to switch to subscription to retrieve the MMS from non-active subscription(Reviewing)
    • Dialer app:
      • Landed: Bug 920414: Display a message at the end of a call (FFOS 1.3)
  • Increase unit-test coverage (r+ for unit-test added patches only)

ext. functional team update: productivity

Email App

  • POP3 bugs fixing.

Calendar App

JS Marionette

System:: LockScreen

(update: 2013/11/26)

DOMs with CSS transformation: v1.2

Canvas: v1.3+

  • - Re-implement LockScreen in Canvas (f+=Tim, r?=UX)
    • Fixing some details
    • Todo: Unit and integration tests