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Checking out Grendel source code

To checkout Grendel source code, make sure you have a copy of CVS and that it's in your path. Then run the following commands:

cvs login
(use password "anonymous")
cvs -z3 -q co -P mozilla/grendel

Building Grendel

  1. Make sure you have the required (external) packages (see Libraries).
  2. Copy the jars to the extlib directory. With OROMatcher, you'll have to create the jar yourself from the binaries in the OROMatcher distribution. To do this, unpack the OROMatcher distribution and cd to the top directory, then run 'jar cvf OROMatcher.jar com'. Copy the resulting OROMatcher.jar to the extlib directory in here. If you want, you can download the Grendel Library Pack to get a copy of all of the libraries needed to be put in this directory.
  3. Type 'ant build' and go get a cup of coffee or something. Grendel takes a little while to build.
  4. Binaries and application resources will now be in dist.
  5. Type in 'ant run' and test that Grendel works. If everything built successfully, it should.
  6. If you want to make an executable jar to package up all the application's classes, type 'ant jar'. Once you've done that, you can type 'java -jar Grendel.jar' and it should run Grendel for you.
  7. To remove all the junk created during the compilation process from your source tree, run 'ant clean'.

Note to Sun Java 1.6 users

There are a few classes in calypso.util package that do not compile, these can be deleted.

They use internal sun.* classes and should be rewriten in due course to use standrard Java Classes.

Note to Mac users

We are no longer supporting JDK 1.4.x, so Grendel will not run on MacOS 10.2 or earlier. You'll have to upgrade to Mac OS 10.3 if you want to run Grendel.

Happy haquing!