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The Grendel module will have policies a bit different from most other Mozilla modules. The review process for this module (except in cases where the Grendel module may overlap another module) is below:

  • Module owners and peers are exempt from reviews.
  • Contributors and developers will require only one level of review, approval from a module owner or peer. This policy may be modified closer to releases.

Super-review will not be necessary for any Grendel changes. To request review for a patch, set the "review" attribute of your bugzilla attachment to one of the Grendel reviewers.

To become a Grendel peer, you must be nominated by the module owner. If you own a Bugzilla component for Grendel, you will most likely be given Peer status to the module.

List of Reviewers

Person Rank
R.J. Keller Module Owner
Kieran Maclean Peer