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Welcome to the Mozilla wiki page on HTML. Please feel free to contribute new elements or new sections. -- Tantek


The HTML spec:


by spec section

This section is very much a stub - please add to it to link to existing wiki pages.


test pages

For tests for specific elements, see the respective elements' pages above.

Tests for broader HTML support:

Collections of tests:

demo pages

These pages contain highly composite "tests" that are more about exploring the possibilities of HTML rather than exercising/testing any specific feature.


A few ideas for improving the understanding and adoption of Firefox's HTML5 support. Help is definitely encouraged on any / all of these. Want to help out? Feel free to edit this section, add suggestions with your name (please sign with ~~~~ ), and volunteer to help out.

HTML support and documentation

The better we document and explain Firefox's HTML5 support, the more developers learn about it and put it to use in real world web apps, the more feedback we get on Firefox's HTML implementation and know what to improve and iterate on, etc. A key goal here is to encourage an ever stronger feedback loop that improves the state of the art of HTML Web App development in general, and in particular with building increasingly higher fidelity HTML+CSS3 Web Apps with Firefox as a development platform.

Some specific tasks that would help:

  • Increased documentation of Firefox's HTML support/efforts in general (per release). Each release (even dotrevs) should come with a link to a support chart (for HTML, CSS3 at a minimum).
  • Public test cases that illustrate Firefox's HTML support
  • Public support charts/tables summarizing Firefox's HTML support (linking to aforementioned test cases)
  • A proper draft test suite constructed from those test cases (submit to W3C HTML WG)
  • Implementation reports based on those test suites
  • Perhaps a place to gather testimonials about Firefox's HTML support

open issues

This is a flat list of spec issues that we're considering or pursuing fixes for. Individual issues are typically listed/described on the specific element they apply to.

Clustered by element:

resolved issues

Spec issues that have been favorably resolved.

see also