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2012-08-10 workshop on how to edit wikis. One of many Mozilla Events.

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Line Numbers & colors are an option under "Pad Options"

Big picture: How to collaborate most effectively?

  • Email vs wiki vs etherpad
  • Email is old.
  • Wiki is focusing; more intentional.

Q: When to use Etherpad and when to use the wiki?

A: Is it real-time or not? Sync = etherpad; asynch = wiki. Etherpad is WAY better for real-time. Good for scratch pads. Wiki is better for asynchronous.You can do more with a wiki. Higher fidelity. Easier to link to. Currently, wiki's are webcrawled; etherpads are not. But assume that etherpads will in the future.

One process: etherpad real-time -> move to wiki later (It would be awesome to be able to do this automagically - jhammel) we go back and forth a bit, it's not too bad as long as you don't use rich formatting in etherpad - just a copy/paste

On Naming:

Q: why dashes in URLs? instead of spaces or underscores?

  • A1: dashes are slightly better than underscores for SEO. also you don't have to hit the shift key (faster to type)
  • A2: ... better than spaces because spaces break auto-linkers. when you copy/paste URLs to email / IM / IRC, those mediums autolink the URLs, which break them at spaces.
  • A3: avoid colons ":" in URLs also because it breaks in common linux terminals

Q: Why is Etherpad better than Google Docs?

  • A1: The Text line feature (see the left side of the window) is very useful for directing people, like when on a call.
  • A2: The colors are useful to see who is editing what.

On Syntax

  • Tantek's soap box: Rich editing doesn't work. Not interoperable.
  • Asterisk space is converted into bullets.
  • Double brackets is turned into wiki link in HTML.

Single bracket followed by one space leads to non-wiki site eg.



[[link | link text]]

Q: Why MediaWiki as opposed to any other kind of wiki?

  • A: MediaWiki probably the most known interface. So by editing the Mozilla Wiki you're learning to edit wikipedia.
    • DevMo uses Kuma

Editing a user page

Cleaning up spam/spammers

  • edit -> blank
  • comment: "blanked due to spam, block this account"

Add hCard -

Go install the Operator firefox add-on

  • Q: Any comment on Semantic Watchlist?
  • A: I haven't found this to be of any use. - Tantek

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