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Ambox outdated.png THIS PAGE IS OUTDATED.
The page talks about Task Forces which were dissolved in Mozilla India community meetup 2016.

Policy and Advocacy Task Force was formed in India Task Force Meetup in May 2015. It was dissolved as a part of the Mozilla India Meetup 2016 community restructure.

Our work was based upon the belief in Mozilla Manifesto Principles . In pursuing our objectives, we operated collaboratively and inclusively, working with governments, national and international organizations, civil society, the private sector, netizens and other parties to reach decisions about the Internet that conformed with and advanced Mozilla manifesto principles. We also worked with netizens and Mozillians to educate them on the impact of various policy related developments on Internet, interoperability, and free and open source software, and collectively built movements or campaigns when these were under threat.

Policy and Advocacy Task Force also closely collaborated with other teams such as Webmaker, Marketplace, Technical, Mozilla clubs etc. to spread awareness on Open web related advocacy topics.

Timeline of activities


  • Spreading awareness on Internet related policy issues to Mozillians and general public by organizing events.
  • Addressing and engaging with Govt and Institutional policies related to Internet, Open Source, Open Standards, Accessibility, Privacy etc with a clear focus on Mozilla manifesto.
  • Building and running an educational program surrounding Internet-related policy issues and increase awareness.

Major Topics

  • Open Source
  • Open Standards
  • Privacy & Security
  • Net Neutrality
  • Privacy-centric Events
  • Digital Inclusion
  • Accessibility
  • Surveillance
  • Internet Governance related developments in India
  • Policies addressing Indian Language computing and Localization

The Action plan

We used a variety of techniques, tools and assets depending on the situation and what was at stake to express our voice when and where it mattered. The action steps included:

  • Educate and Inform
  • Organize and Convene
  • Enable and Support
  • Advocate and Engage
  • Hack, Code and Implement

We did these things in concert with Mozilla community members and like minded organizations.


  • Intervention in Policy developments
  • Protecting the open Web starts with understanding
  • Building Teaching Kits on advocacy topics
  • Running teach-ins and seed Mozilla clubs and Maker Parties with advocacy on policy focus
  • Campaigning

Task Force Team


  1. Anivar A Aravind - Mozillian Profile


Name Location Mozillians profile
Abhiram Ravikumar Bengaluru Abhiram
Abid Aboobakar Bengaluru ekuttan
Akshay S Dinesh Mysuru asdofindia
Anivar Aravind Bengaluru anivar
Ankit Gadgil Pune ankitgadgil
Ankit Mehta Pune MetAnkit
deadrat Bengaluru rat
Diwanshi Pandey Pune diwanshipandey
Hrishikesh Kerala stultus
Jafar Muhammed Bengaluru pmjcreations
Karthic Keyan Chennai karthic
Mayur Patil Nashik yomanpatil
Mehul Patel Nashik rowdymehul
Mrinal Jain Indore Mrinal
Nidhiya V Raj New Delhi Nidhiya
Omshivprakash H L Bengaluru omshivaprakash
Sagar Hani Bengaluru SagarHani
Shreyas N Bengaluru dunebuggie
Shri Subramanyam R G Tiruchirappalli sang-froid
Siddhartha Rao Pune siddhartharao17
Srushtika Neelakantam Bengaluru n.srushtika
Vishal Chavan Nashik vishalchavan2508
Vnisha Srivastav Lucknow vnisha
Dhanesh Sabane Pune Dhanesh95

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Community Calls

Every 2nd Saturday, 10-11pm on Google Hangouts (will be archived on youtube). IRC Back channel: #advocacy-in


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