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Firefox Student Ambassadors


You can learn more about the role of a owner here.

  • Mayur Patil


FSA Executive Board

The Firefox Student Ambassadors program is governed by an Executive Board that consists of dedicated contributors to the program. Think of them as the Global Team, in charge of running the whole FSA operation!

  • Galaxy Kadiyala
  • Gauthamraj Elango
  • Biraj Karmakar
  • Viswaprasath
  • Santosh Viswanatham

Regional Ambassador Leads

Regional Ambassador Leads, consisting of dedicated Mozilla Reps and exceptional Student Ambassadors, help advise the actions of Firefox Clubs and Student Ambassadors as well as coordinate marketing campaigns and community activities in their country. They are your mentor and and your go-to guide!

Firefox Clubs

Firefox Clubs are a core grouping of Student Ambassadors at your university or college. These Clubs work together on larger projects, campaigns, and events to promote Mozilla, our products, and our mission. They are your friends and fellow comrades in the mission of doing good and promoting an open web. Join a Club at your school, or start one and become a Firefox Club Lead.

Firefox Student Ambassadors

Firefox Student Ambassadors are a group of creative, innovative, and passionate individuals who are called to help shape the future of the open web. They are leaders at their school and web educators of their community. Sounds like you? Join us!

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Communication Channels


Mozilla India Task Force Meetup 2015

Our big goal for 2015

  • Reuniting all the Firefox clubs.
  • Assigning them task as per our goals.
  • EEE - Equip Engage Empower

Task to be accomplished every month


  • Communicating all the FSA clubs of India.
  • Communicating RAL of India.
  • Calling all Regional FSA’s for discussion.
  • Taking their feedback.
  • Making and collecting training materials for FSA’s.
  • Communicating remote institutes for making Firefox Clubs.


  • Making and collecting training materials for FSA’s.
  • Training club leads according to our goal with help of RAL.
  • Training in Individual Institute by Club leads
  • Assigning them initial task for warm up. (Spring Campaign )
  • Introductory events in remote institutes.


  • Taking feedback about the initial task.
  • Analyzing the outcome of the initial tasks.
  • Reassigning them some advance task.







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