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A programmer's job doesn't end with writing a piece of code. Until the work is documented well, the work remains incomplete. Be it for future references, be with for maintaining reports, documentation is an important part of all projects. The documentation task force will be responsible to simplify the life of all the other task force members by maintaining the documentation of all the tasks being performed by all other task forces.

It is also the primary task force for helping volunteers contribute content to the Mozilla Developer Network.

Major responsibilities

Contributing to Mozilla Developer Network

  • Contribute content to the Mozilla Developer Network.
  • Help new contributors to get started with the Mozilla Developer Network through events and active mentoring.
  • Create a process around which new contributors can be onboarded and existing contributors can be helped to contribute better.
  • Coordinate with the Localization Task Force and help them in localization of articles on Mozilla Developer Network.
  • Create training resources with the help of Evangelism Task Force for helping new members in getting started.

This contribution area has a huge scope of improvement because there is lot left to be done. We are glad to help new members in getting started as soon as possible.

Event reporting

  • Making and checking of all the reports that come under Mozilla India Community. As already stated, this task force's responsibility will be to simplify the job of all other task forces when it comes to document their work. Every task performed by any individual or team of Mozilla India community needs to be documented and reports to be maintained.
  • Writing the event introductions and other details on the events page of Mozilla India's websites. Whenever a new event is to be announced or an update is to be added, the organizers can simply pass on the reports in few points which the documentation team will be responsible for formatting and updating.

How do I get to join the team?

  • There is no pre-requisite to join the documentation team, in general. Only a little knowledge about the domain will be sufficient to be a part of this team. Even if a newbie in this domain, the enthusiasm only will be sufficient to get you started.
  • Those willing to contribute to core technical articles in the Mozilla Developer Network need to have sufficient working knowledge of the topic on which they are trying to contribute. For more details, check the Getting Started page on Mozilla Developer Network.

Plans for documentation team

  • Need to meet once a month on IRC and first get started and then keep updating weekly reports as to how much work is being done.
  • Do an initial contribution drive and onboard all contributors who want to contribute to the Mozilla Developer Network.
  • Introduce members to Wiki editing.



You can learn more about the role of a owner.


Mentors are Contributors who have taken up the additional responsibility to help new comers. You can learn more about the Mentor.


We have a good number of contributors. We have dedicated an entire page to list them out. Check the Contributors page for an entire list of contributors to this task force.

Task list for Documentation task-force

The task list for the documentation task-force can be found here.