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Marketplace Task Force

We're Mozilla India's Marketplace Task Force Team. We are working to build marketplace community in India and bring better apps with local content for India on Firefox Marketplace. Read more about the task force on this etherpad.


You can learn more about the role of a owner here.


Mentors are Contributors who have taken up the additional responsibility to help new comers. You can learn more about the Mentor role here.


  • Sumantro
  • Kumar Rishav
  • Yaseen khan

If you are also interested in joining the taskforce, kindly leave your name with us on the taskforce etherpad. We will be delighted to on-board you in the taskforce. We are looking forward to work with you.


  • Helping curation board members to nominate featured apps
  • One and Done tasks & testing for Marketplace
  • Localization of apps and marketplace
  • Fixing bugs in Marketplace code-base
  • Conducting events to get more contributors for the marketplace
  • Getting more users ratings on India specific apps
  • Automatic system to suggest apps for nominations
  • Helping FSA & Events task forces to supporting Apps related events
  • Building a platform for accepting cool ideas of apps from everyone, which developers can pick and work upon.
  • Proposing the ideas and resources for app dev events e.g. Camera API specific event.
  • [upcoming] MOW -


1. 10th May 2015

2. 12th July 2015

  • Venue - Hangouts
  • Attendees - Ram, Trishul, Rigin, Rishav
  • Discussed upcoming marketplace days [Hyderabad and Jaipur]
  • Framed the Marketplace day Format.
  • Meeting Notes can be found here.

Details of upcoming meetings can be found at the taskforce etherpad


1. Markpetlace Day Hyderabad - May 16, 2015

2. Marketpalce Day Hyderabad v2.0 - July 18, 2015

3. Marketplace Day Jaipur - August 1, 2015

4. Marketplace Follow-up Event Hyderabad - Sept 26, 2015

5. Add-on Hacks FxOS - Oct 31, 2015

6. Marketplace Day Bangalore/Delhi - October 2015 (proposed)