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The Marketplace has been placed into maintenance mode. It is no longer under active development. You can read complete details here.

Current status available in the Workstream Milestone Tracking document


This goal of this project is to improve the discoverability of content on mobile devices.

It should:

  • Help users discover content that they want through a seamless discovery experience between apps and the web on mobile devices.
  • Help catalyze the move to the web as the platform for mobile devices.
  • Generate community participation as a key differentiator.
  • Utilize the collective wisdom of our community, for the benefit of our community, to bring the best of the web to everyone.
  • Replace search with new discovery experiences in future versions of Firefox OS.


Product Strategy

UX and Design

  • Follow UX + Design progress for this project on our Github project site. All our docs are posted there!
  • You can participate in conversations about our UX + Design work by visiting our Open Issues on Github. Feel free to create a new issue if you don't see an existing conversation on a topic you're interested in.

Proposed Phases for Initial Implementation


Summary: Load Mobile Optimized websites into Marketplace

Summary: Consumers can discover websites from home page of Marketplace

Engineering Considerations

For specific phases, including estimates, please go to the phase's wiki page (linked above).

Tracking bugs

Tracking bug: 1145376

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