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Mozilla Webmaker

About Mozilla Webmaker

  • Goal : To Help millions of people from using the web to making the web. In simple terms , converting web consumers into web makers.
  • Mozilla Webmaker project wants to help people make something amazing with the web rather than just using it.
  • Mozilla Webmaker project aims to create the next Generation of Webmakers.
  • Mozilla Webmaker project will help people in better understanding about web and to take better control over their online lives. Simply , a more web literate planet.
  • More about the Webmaker project here

What Mozilla Webmaker Offers ?

  • The Webmaker's mission of moving web consumers into webmakers is not going to be easily achievable.
  • Because , web is being consumed by all ages of people from kids to grandparents so we need different approaches for different age groups.
  • Inorder to help people in getting started Mozilla Webmaker offers the following three ,
      1. Tools - to help you doing something amazing with them web
      2. Projects - to help you in getting started with webmaking 
      3. Community - to help you with what ever you want
  • Webmaker allows you to publish your work with a customized domain name from So , you can publish like
  • Reach out to the webmaker global community for anything or everything you need with the twitter hashtag's #makerparty and #teachtheweb

How you can get Involved ?

  • You can get involved with Webmaker project in the following ways ,


  • Make something with webmaker and become a part of a global community who are not just using the web but making the web


  • Be a part of a global community who help people in learning the building blocks of web. You don't have to be a techie to #teachtheweb , our tools and resources will help you get started as well as to host events
  • To host a Kitchen table event you don't need to prepare anything in advance apart from the eagerness to #teachtheweb to others.
  • More on different event formats below ,
      i  . Kitchen-Table-Event
      ii . Hackjam
      iii. Popup

  • Webmaker TaskForce will be happy to guide you from event planning to execution from there to documentation.
  • Webmaker Taskforce will try it's level best to get you some awesome swags to make your event colorful and joyful :)
  • Decided to party ;) Kindly , create an event page on you can find the same under resources section below

3 .More Ways:

  • Above are the simplest ways to get involved with the webmaker projects. If you wish to explore more ways click here

4.MakerpartyIN Twitter Team:

  • Apart from these ways of getinvolved , we (Mozilla India) have comeup with a new way of getting involved with respect to the webmaker events in india.
  • By joining MakerpartyIN Twitter Team , you can help Maker Party organiser's of India remotely by answering that questions with hashtag #makerpartyIN from their participants.
  • You can join the twitter team by providing your details here


Create your Event Page

  • Create your event page on site in order to help you party harder :D .
  • Create your event here

Hacktivity Kits

  • The Hacktivity Kits make it easy for anyone, anywhere, to organize their own webmaking session. Get it from Here

All Webmaking Resources

Webmaker Mailing List

  • Get updated with the current happenings in the webmaker project over the globe by subscribing with webmaker mailing list here

Webmaker Community Calls

  • Webmaker calls are open and free to all. So , attend every Tuesday !
  • More details about the call here

Featured Maker Parties so far

Upcoming Events

  • Updated Soon !

Task Force


You can learn more about the role of a owner here.


Mentors are Contributors who have taken up the additional responsibility to help new comers. You can learn more about the Mentor role here.

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  • By requesting to become the Mozilla India Task Force member, one agree with the Code of Conduct of the Mozilla India Regional Community.
  • Being a Mozilla rep does not automatically qualify one to be a core-contributor or mentor or owner.
  • If you are an existing Mozilla contributor from India and wish to join any of the above task force team, please write to: join at mozillaindia dot org.