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If you want to work with Mozilla on a more formal basis, there are a number of internship programs that can help out.


Note that all of these programs have different schedules, eligibility guidelines, and pay rates.

Getting Started

With all these internship opportunities and projects available, it can be difficult to know where to get started. What projects might be interesting for you? Which are a good match for your skills?

Fortunately, Mozilla is an open organization and you can jump right in to answer those questions. The resources here will help you learn about available projects and even get started working on some of them. Note that for many of our internship programs, you must make a contribution before applying.

  • Bugs Ahoy -- this site gathers all of the mentored bugs in Bugzilla into a nice, searchable list. All of these bugs have a single person who can answer questions and provide help in solving the bug. If you select only "simple" bugs, you can find tasks you should be able to accomplish without much experience -- even if it takes a week or two!
  • Engineering Productivity Projects -- this is a list of ongoing projects managed by the engineering productivity team. Any of these can provide you with a "home base" where you can get familiar with the tools and technologies involved, and soon have enough experience to work on individual bugs yourself.