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Meeting Details

  • Time and location: Wednesday, 9 AM PST, conf bridge 206
  • irc.mozilla.org #l10n-drivers for back-channel

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Previous Action Items


Meeting Notes

  • Notetaker: Pike
  • Attendees: Pike, gandalf, chofmann, pascalc, milos, stas
  • stas: devtools l10n, see the thread on dev.l10n titled "Re: l10n of devtools", Aug 3rd
    • supporting "optional but in firefox" l10n is technically possible
      • but it's a lot of work
      • discussion in planning sounds like we'd put more emphasis in being able to develop features as add-ons proper
      • not many users are facing devtools, there's a ton of things we can do that have wider impact
      • also unclear impact of things like the orion editor and other design decisions over there
  • stas: do we want a video explaining what l10n is / how to get involved?
    • moved to mail
  • locales that suffer, just a quick status update. mail thread is open in l10n-drivers
  • possible get-together Sept 28-30, not a lot of team time during all-hands

Action Items





  • NOT ME: language packs will get restartless by default, bug 677092, chrome reg already done
  • NOT ME: our Mongolian volunteer has aurora up to 100 strings by now, woot for Erdenebat
  • first actual data-migration patch for the dashboard is now in review
  • porting the buildbot infrastructure over to elmo, loads of open ends
  • aurora-only outreach on Tuesday, aka a week before migration date
  • updated branch-l10n hg extension to deal with the hickup I found in the first migration
    • also does the same thing that aki does via scripts
  • aki did loads of leg-work to find a regression range for the android apk builds on central, at which point I was able to help
    • en-US changed to use symlinks, some of which target the mergedir, which for the multi-locale build we blow away between locales. Breaking symlinks breaking builds.
    • resolutions can either be not symlinking or using a per-locale mergedir, clobbering that only after packaging.



  • got new reviewer from the content team - Henri
  • L20n XUL bindings patch reviewed
  • Working with metrics team (Blake Cuttler) on the new per-region growth trends plot
  • Helping Matjaz plan Pontoon 1.0 release and staging server


  • working on QA of snippets with Google
  • working on updating the Firefox Features page for Firefox 6
  • pinged many locales to ask them to update their mozilla.com bugs
  • working on the newsletter sign up pages and sign up form in the footer (all locales)
  • finished updating the langchecker to be more end-user friendly, provide some stats on the state of these files, handle multiple files, allow subset of locales for a .lang file (like having a newsletter.lang file for 5 locales only, or a mobile.lang file for android market locale only) to avoid having people translating strings they won't use