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6º Andar, Boulevard Corporate Tower, Av. dos Andradas, 3000

Santa Efigenia, Belo Horizonte - MG, 30260-070, Brazil

Map: http://bit.ly/1RFinX6

20-21 February
Arriving at hotel

Take the Conexão Aeroporto shuttle to the Álvares Cabral station, which is close to the hotel. Map with directions from the station to the hotel: http://bit.ly/248VyzV

The ticket costs R$26.75, and the trip takes about one hour. Please save the receipts so we can reimburse you.

Hotel Sol Belo Horizonte

R. da Bahia, 1040

Belo Horizonte, Brazil

Phone: +55 31 3311-1300

Google map: https://goo.gl/maps/aEiEo32yxZS2



  • Resolve all B2G bugs.
  • Triage all other bugs.
  • Sign-off on all outstanding product l10n projects.
  • Resolve all possible access key errors.
  • Create basic pt-BR Mozilla style guide.
  • Create basic pt-BR Mozilla glossary.
  • Formalize division of modules/projects within l10n team.
  • Triage all possible terminology inconsistencies between SUMO doc & product strings.

Saturday 20 February

Morning - 930AM
  • Welcome & spectrograms -- Jeff & Axel
  • Mozilla mission and org updates applied to your locales -- Jeff & Axel
    • Firefox Releases Calendar
    • Thunderbird & Firefox OS
    • L10n updates from Mozlando
      • Standardizing translation quality metrics & practices.
      • Define scope of quality review during this hackathon.
Lunch -- TBD
  • Big quality review of pt-BR localizations.
    • Create basic Mozilla style guide.
    • Create basic Mozilla glossary.
    • Triage terminology consistency between SUMO & product l10n.
Dinner -- TBD

Sunday 21 February

Morning -- 930AM
  • Welcome & ice breakers
  • Sharing the load: sustainability planning for pt-BR localization
  • Tools and dashboard trainings.
  • Triage current bugzilla backlog.
Lunch -- TBD
  • Perform quality review on one product.
  • Update team wiki page
  • Take l10n hackathon survey.
  • Begin plans for next pt-BR l10n meetup.
  • Group pictures.
Dinner -- TBD


  • Hashtag for event: #mozbrasill10n

Possible places for dinner:

Cantina do Lucas (Comida Mineira and other Brazilian foods)

Map (less than a block away from the hotel): http://bit.ly/1XwktsH

Website/Menu (Portuguese only): http://www.cantinadolucas.com.br

Assacabrasa (Brazilian churrasco)

Map: http://bit.ly/1VlcahX

Website/Menu: http://assacabrasa.com.br/localizacao_detalhes.php?id=7

Pizza Sur (Argentinian Pizza)

Map: http://bit.ly/1VlcMEl

Café com Letras Liberdade (A café inside of a museum, they serve dinner but don't really have a specialty)

Map: http://bit.ly/1mGfqIM

Website/Menu (Portuguese only): http://www.cafecomletras.com.br/ (Click on the Liberdade tab)

Birosca S2 (Comida Mineira and other Brazilian foods)

Map: http://bit.ly/1R70COi

Great ambiance, but closer to the venue than to the hotel