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Betahaus Barcelona Carrer de Vilafranca, 7, 08024 Barcelona, Spain.

25-26 March

Hotel Ronda Lesseps

Carrer de Ballester, 77, 08023 Barcelona, Spain.

Phone: +34 932 54 43 00

Spotify playlist
Spotify link
Reimbursement policy

We are able to reimburse for the following expenses:

  • transportation between BCN airport and hotel in Barcelona,
  • visa fees

Please keep your receipts and deliver them to Jeff during the hackathon. We'll be able to reimburse in either local currency (EUR) or via PayPal.

Any additional expenses once in Barcelona are yours to cover (e.g., hotel room service, hotel laundry service, souvenirs, transportation around the city, etc.).

Alcohol policy

Any alcoholic beverages you order while out will be at your own expense. Additionally, we often have minors attending these workshops. Please be respectful of their presence and drink responsibly.

Getting around in Barcelona

Here you'll find a spreadsheet with everyone's arrival times. You'll have to request access to see it. You'll notice that some people are grouped into colors, those are to help you to coordinate with one another to travel from the airport to the hotel together.

BCN airport to Hotel Ronda Lesseps

The most comfortable and cheap way to trip from the Airport to Barcelona is taking the Aerobús to Plaça Espanya instead Metro or Train. If you buy one way Aerobus ticket, the price is 5,90 but, if you buy the round trip, the final price is 10,90€ instead of 11,80€. You can buy it here: http://www.aerobusbcn.com/en/buy-tickets

After your purchase, you'll get an individual QR code that you can send to any Mozillian. No matter if the Mozillians use the T1 and/or T2 Airport to arrive/depart from/to Bcn; the ticket is valid for both Terminals. You have more info here: http://www.aerobusbcn.com/en/faq

The next step is to take Metro L3 from Plaça Espanya to Hotel Ronda Lesseps. The best option is to get a single ticket (called «Bitllet senzill») from Plaça Espanya to Lesseps (dir. «Trinitat Nova»). The price of this ticket is 2,15€ (more info: https://www.tmb.cat/en/barcelona/fares-metro-bus/tickets-single/single-ticket). At Lesseps station, take the exit to Gran de Gràcia street, walk ±10 minutes and you're in the Hotel. See the Bcn Metro Map for more info.

From the Hotel to the Betahaus

Just walking for ±10 minutes you're in the Venue; no mystery at all ;)


From Betahaus to the Restaurants (Friday, Saturday and Sunday)

Maybe the best option is to purchase some T-10 cards for Metro transportation. The price of each card is 9,95€ and you have 10 multi-person trips. Here you have the info: https://www.tmb.cat/en/barcelona/fares-metro-bus/travel-cards/t-10

We can also use the T-10 card to get to Sagrada Familia or any other cultural activity/place (city center is in the same zone, so 1 zone tickets are enough).

Hotel to BCN airport

First, take the Metro L3 from the Hotel to Plaça Espanya. Again, the «Bitllet senzill» single ticket from Lesseps to Plaça Espanya (dir. «Zona Universitària», exit «Creu Coberta») is your friend; ±20 min (9th stop) and you're in. From Plaça Espanya, take the Aerobús to the Airport. If you have the round trip ticket, use it. If not, you need to spend 5,90€. In approximately 35 minutes you will be at the Airport.

In case of emergency

Finally, Barcelona is a safe place but, if you are in any trouble, please call 112. Is the free emergency phone and service is in Catalan, English, French, German and Spanish.



  • Localizers can recruit and train new localizers.
  • Each community's language resources (style guides, term lists) are created & up-to-date.
  • Help each community define l10n quality & identify practices that ensure & improve quality.
  • Localizers trained in translation process best practices.
  • Make meaningful connections with each l10n community present.


  • Have finally [the issue about adding BG language to the MDN page](https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1265891) resolved.
  • Find out what needs to be done (although I have some specific vision, which can be wrong of course) to attract more translators in Bulgarian for MDN.
  • Come up with a list of article with highest priority to be translated in BG which will attract more Bulgarian visitors and some of them will contribute.
  • Find out how to manage the contributing process, both with help tot the translators - technical and editorial reviews.
  • Find out is it possible to get some sponsorship from Mozilla for all the translation, editorial and organizational work being done for a longer period of time - not just sporadic contributions.



  • Discuss about migration to Pontoon
  • Translate missing strings in Mozilla projects
  • Discuss about regroup the Catalan community; how to find new localization volunteers & how to rebuild the community.
  • Benny brings camera and records the whole event
  • Review screenshots for Firefox for iOS


  • Discuss about the state of the community, find and support new contributors (es-ES and es)
  • Documentation review and update (wiki, style guide, glossary)
  • Tools and project request criteria



  • Start a usable guide in French for newcomers on the new not-so-localizer-friendly SUMO platform :smile:
  • Prepare material and docs in order to welcome high-level translators we invited for their first contribution on Mozilla on April 8-9th in Paris. It includes conf to introduce them to various l10n tasks, tools and process, and also find a range of activities to be proposed during the week-end (docs, pages, tech/non-tech articles)
  • Review and validation of the pending suggestions on Pontoon.




  • Update our existing, but outdated style guide
  • Discuss the revival of our glossary
  • Make a strategy for MDN translation (decide what to translate, and what not; involvement of new translators)
  • Compile the list of features needed in Pontoon, to allow the migration of all projects from Pootle
  • Discuss the state of the local community


  • Update the Style Guide.
  • Make a decision to add new projects for localization.
  • Review existing suggestions in all platforms.
  • Translate missing strings in Firefox, Firefox for Android and Thunderbird.



  • Reach the 100% of completion of Firefox Aurora (now 96%)
  • How to find new volunteers for ligurian localization
  • Decide if add new projects for ligurian
  • Create style guide


  • Create a Style Guide
  • Make substantial progress with the localization of Firefox Aurora -- try to reach at least 80% completeness
  • Figure out how to rebuild our community


  • Clean up our terminology list, make it more structured
  • Make sure, all suggested translations are reviewed
  • Complete translation of Firefox Aurora (currently at 95%)
  • Discuss, how we could modify our team’s translation process to avoid suggestions not going into the product if nobody has time for the review


  • Update the style guide
  • Complete Focus for iOS, Firefox for iOS, Firefox Accounts projects ✓
  • Translate and/or update top 10 articles from SUMO ✖ - SUMO has a new platform, which has removed Romanian
  • Discuss about the state of the community and how to find new localizers for Romanian locale ✓
    • Extra done: find out more about the state of tooling and offer feedback to developers and drivers


  • Make the L10n:Teams:sl page a 1-stop-point for all useful linguistic resources ✓
  • Enhance glossary, standardise some inconsistent terms ✓
  • Define ways to expand localisation community ✓
  • Reach 100 % progress ✖ - well, 99%


  • New Style Guide (editing Wiki page and creating docx and pdf format of a guide)
  • Finishing not translated projects on Pontoon (Mozilla.org > Firefox Accounts > Appstores, sorted by priorities)
  • If we manage to finish all this before the end of event, we will continue with translation of Lightning Aurora. As there are a lot of untranslated strings, we will translate as many as we can.




El Mussol - 22:15

Directions: Carrer d'Aragó, 261, 08007 Barcelona, Spain


Morning - 930
  • Welcome, introductions, & spectrograms
  • Mozilla org & l10n updates
  • Pontoon demo from Matjaz
Lunch - 1300
  • Goals! Wee!!! \o/
Tea & snack break - 1500

Can Culleretes - 21:30

Directions: Carrer d'en Quintana, 5, 08002 Barcelona, Spain


Morning - 1100
  • Welcome!
  • Pootle demo from Ryan
  • Breakouts
    • Style guides
    • Recruiting new localizers
    • Mentoring/giving feedback to new localizers
    • How do we ensure localization quality?
Lunch - 1300
Tea & snack break - 1500

Arrosseria Xàtiva Gràcia - 21:30

Directions: Carrer del Torrent d'En Vidalet, 26, 08012 Barcelona, Spain


  • Hashtag for event: #mozl10nBCN


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