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Rasimpasa Mh. Iskele Sk. No:47

Kadikoy - Istanbul, Turkey

Map: http://bit.ly/1KJjyTm

10-11 October
Arriving at hotel
  • There is a metro station in Istanbul Ataturk Airport. Take it to the last station, Yenikapi. Then switch to Marmaray line (Just ask for it, if you can't see the signs), and take the Ayrilik Cesmesi route (last station). Community members will meet you at the airport, Marmaray and in Kadikoy.
  • See the route in Trafi. The whole route will take around 1 hour.
  • Locals use İstanbulkart for public transportation, but you will either use single-pass tokens (jeton) or multiple-pass tickets. These are valid for metro, buses and steamboats. Single-pass tokens/tickets cost 4 Turkish lira can be obtained from a Jetonmatik in every station.
  • Fun fact: Marmaray is a train that goes under the sea, and it connects two continents! It will take you from Europe to Asia in minutes but you won't be able to see anything.

Sidonya Hotel

Rasimpaşa, Rıhtım Cad., Nemlizade Sk. No:34, 34716

Kadıköy/İstanbul, Turkey

Phone: +90 216 349 5308

Google map: http://bit.ly/1MeVzX6

Your contact in Istanbul: Emin Mastizada

Phone: +90 539 932 66 39

Telegram: mastizada



  • Make sure that all l10n products are up-to-date and ready for the Fall campaign release with Fx42.
  • Make sure that all Fall campaign web l10n projects are complete.
  • Help locales prepare for FxOS 2.5 localization in November.
  • Ensure that l10n teams are entirely informed on the latest Mozilla org changes & trained on the latest updates to l10n tools, practices, and resources.

Saturday 10 October

Morning - 930AM
  • Mozilla mission and org updates applied to your locales
    • Introduction to Mozilla & the mission, for anyone unfamiliar with it.
    • Organization changes introduced in Whistler.
    • Virtuous participation cycle
    • The role of your language localization within Mozilla's mission.
  • Review Prod roadmaps, schedules and priorities to better understand and plan upcoming localization work
    • Seasonal Firefox releases -- Firefox 42
      • Marketing & web content
    • Firefox OS
    • iOS launch
  • Tools, resources, and translation workflows at Mozilla
    • Dashboards overview
    • Pootle, hg, & SVN tutorials
    • Translation quality program
  • Communication -- what's working, what isn't, how do l10n-drivers support your locales more?
Lunch -- TBD
  • Dashboard review & translation catchup work where localization work has not been completed
    • Discussion lead by l10n teams to share common practices between your languages & how they might be relevant to other localization teams.
Dinner -- TBD

Sunday 11 October

Morning -- 930AM
  • Sustainability & succession
    • How does each l10n team prioritize their active projects?
    • How does each l10n team structure locale/project leadership?
    • Does the team have a plan of succession? If so, what is it, where is it strong and where is it weak?
    • Does the l10n team have linguistic resources (e.g., Firefox glossary, style guide, etc.) to sustain the project?
    • If yes, how did they create them? Would they be willing to mentor other teams to create their own?
  • Recruitment
  • Localizer recognition
    • Does the l10n team feel like they receive enough recognition from Mozilla for their efforts?
      • What form of recognition is most appreciated?
    • Does the l10n team provide recognition to outstanding members of the team?
  • L10n gatherings and Mozilla Reps
    • How often does your l10n team get together physically?
    • Do you know who your local Mozilla Rep l10n ally is?
    • What makes a successful l10n gathering for your l10n community?
    • How important do feel physical meetups are for your l10n community and the work you do?
  • Discuss localized product use in your regions.
    • Brainstorm possible initiatives to increase locale usage and market share.
Lunch -- TBD
Afternoon (Breakouts)
  • Dashboard review, and translation catchup work where localization work has not been completed
    • Discussion lead by l10n teams to share common practices between your languages & how they might be relevant to other localization teams.
  • Update team wiki pages
  • Take l10n hackathon survey.
  • Group pictures
Dinner -- TBD



  • Hashtag for event: #mozhackist