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Wikimedia Sverige

Hantverkargatan 21

Stockholm, Sweden

Google maps: http://bit.ly/1E651bg

When: 25-26 April
Travel days are 24 & 26 April
Arriving at hotel


Saturday 25 April

Morning - 09:30AM

  • Mozilla mission and org updates applied to Nordic locales
    • Intros: People, Mozilla, l10n & the mission, for anyone unfamiliar with it.
    • Virtuous participation cycle
    • Recent organization changes & decision-making process.
  • Tools, resources, and translation workflows at Mozilla
    • Dashboards overview
    • Tools updates & tutorials
  • Review Prod roadmaps, schedules and priorities to better understand and plan upcoming localization work
    • iOS in Nordic languages
    • Seasonal Firefox releases -- Firefox 38, Pocket, Fall release
    • Communication of timelines -- what's working, what isn't, how do l10n-drivers support Nordic locales more?
    • Firefox OS in 2015
      • Tuesday's announcement.
Lunch [Kungsholmens Pizzeria?]
  • L10n community stability in Nordic locales (group & breakout)
    • Project priorities
      • How does each l10n team prioritize their active projects?
    • Leadership & succession
      • How does each l10n team structure locale/project leadership?
      • Does the team have a plan of succession? If so, what is it, where is it strong and where is it weak?
    • Recruitment
      • Does your l10n team need more localizers?
      • If so, what has the team done to recruit and mentor new localizers?
      • What can be improved?
      • What has been successful in other l10n teams?
      • Are there other Nordic languages that aren't here, but should be?
    • Sustainability
      • Does the l10n team have linguistic resources (e.g., Firefox glossary, style guide, etc.) to sustain the project?
      • If yes, how did they create them? Would they be willing to mentor other teams to create their own?
    • Localizer recognition
      • Does the l10n team feel like they receive enough recognition from Mozilla for their efforts?
        • What form of recognition is most appreciated?
      • Does the l10n team provide recognition to outstanding members of the team?
    • Regroup and share
  • (Group)Discuss localized product use in Nordic countries.
    • Use of localized software in education in Nordic countries.
      • How, where, and why?
    • Brainstorm possible initiatives to increase locale usage and market share in Nordic countries.
  • Using the Reps program to hold l10n events.

Sunday 26 April

Morning -- 09:30AM

  • Dashboard review, and translation catchup work where localization work has not been completed
    • Share common practices between Nordic languages and how they might be relevant to other locales.
  • Update team wiki pages, subscribe to mailing lists, and create/update Mozillians profiles.
  • Take l10n hackathon survey.
  • Group pictures
Lunch & Mozilla Nordic Kubb Tournament