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Basic Info


Renuka City Hotel

328 Galle Rd, Colombo 00300, Sri Lanka

Phone: +94 11 2 573598

Google maps: http://bit.ly/1ifThQn

3-4 October

You should apply for a tourist visa through the Sri Lanka ETA online portal at http://eta.gov.lk/ . Visas fees will be reimbursed, so hold on to the receipt. Processing should only require a few days.

  1. If you applied as part of the group visa, please note that when you are entering the country, if asked by border control why you're in Sri Lanka, state that you're visiting friends (specifically, your friend Danishka Navin).
  2. Be sure you are able to provide immigration with the documents they request. An example of proof that you can cover your expenses while in Sri Lanka would be either a copy of your latest bank statement or any cash you've brought and hope to exchange.
  3. Remember, **do not** show any Mozilla letter for this event to Sri Lankan immigration. It will cause problems when you attempt to cross the border.
Local Contacts

Arky: +94 765700016 Danishka: +94 714 275 305


Renuka City Hotel

  • Huda Sarfraz|| A -> 2 Oct 5am || D -> 5 Oct 8:30pm
  • Yaseen Khan || A -> 2 oct 8:35 PM || d -> 5 oct 06:10 AM
  • Bahareh Esfahbod
  • Sara Mansouri
  • Reza Habibi
  • Arash Mousavi
  • Peiying Mo
  • Delphine Lebedel
  • Arky
  • Jeff Beatty

Crescat Residencies

  • Zaid Ibhais || A -> 2 oct 8pm d -> 5 oct 9 am
  • Mahmood Qudah || A -> 2 oct 8pm d -> 5 oct 9 am
  • Abdelrahman Munib Manna || A -> 2 oct 8pm d -> 5 oct 9 am
  • Youghourta Benali
  • Umer Tanveer || A -> 2 Oct 5am || D -> 5 Oct 8:30pm
  • Hasan Ahmed || A -> 2 Oct 9:20pm || D -> 5 Oct 1pm
  • Danishka Navin
  • Mohamed Hafez || A-> 2 Oct 8:00 AM || D -> 5 Oct 09:30 AM
  • Gayan Kalhara (Extra Bed)
  • Lahiru Himesh (Extra Bed)
Arriving at hotel from airport
We made arrangements with Renuka City Hotel to provide transportation between the airport and the Renuka City Hotel/Crescat Apartments for both arrivals and departures. Please check your hotel transfer information in the following Google document.


Please look for person holding the 'MOZILLA' sign at the airport arrivals area. If you don't see anyone, Please contact Arky +94 765700016

If you are staying at Crescat Apartments, Please mention 'Firefox team' to the reception. We have two apartments 92B and 31A reserved. Please call the Crescat Staff ( +94777722939 / +94777823900) if you need any help with check in.

Some of you are required to either pay entry fees or visa fees to enter the country. We would also like to reimburse you the transport costs between the airport and the hotel. Here is the process for being reimbursed those fees:
  1. Email your receipt(s) and PayPal account email address to Jeff.
  2. If you do not have a PayPal account and need reimbursement, please notify Jeff as soon as possible.

Please note that transport and visa fees are all that we're able to reimburse.

Notifying your employer/school about the event

If you need a letter from Mozilla to provide to your employer or school to request time off to attend this event, please let Jeff know and we'll provide you with that letter.

Please note that these letters MUST stay at home and not accompany you to Sri Lanka. They will cause unnecessary complications with your entry into the country.

Bring a hard copy of your travel document, such as flight booking confirmation, Hotel and eVisa. Some countries do not allow passenger enter the airport at departure without a physical printout of your flight booking info. Showing it on cellphone or an e-Reader would not work.


Saturday 3 October

Morning - 930AM
  • Mozilla mission and org updates applied to your locales
    • Introduction to Mozilla & the mission, for anyone unfamiliar with it.
    • Organization changes introduced in Whistler.
    • Virtuous participation cycle
    • The role of your language localization within Mozilla's mission.
  • Review Prod roadmaps, schedules and priorities to better understand and plan upcoming localization work
    • iOS launch
    • Seasonal Firefox releases -- Firefox 42
    • Communication of timelines -- what's working, what isn't, how do l10n-drivers support your locales more?
    • Firefox OS
    • RTL for Mozilla products
  • Tools, resources, and translation workflows at Mozilla
    • Dashboards overview
    • Pootle, hg, & SVN tutorials
    • Translation quality
Lunch -- Renuka hotel
  • Dashboard review & translation catchup work where localization work has not been completed
    • Discussion lead by l10n teams to share common practices between your languages & how they might be relevant to other localization teams.
Dinner (730PM) -- Raja Bojun Liberty Arcade,R.A.De Mel Mawatha,Colombo 03. Here's a map

(Use R.A De Mel Mawatha entrance to Liberty Plaza and when you enter Liberty Plaza, left side you can see our sign board on the rooftop of the new building.)

Sunday 4 October

Morning -- 930AM
  • Sustainability & succession -- Delphine
    • How does each l10n team prioritize their active projects?
    • How does each l10n team structure locale/project leadership?
    • Does the team have a plan of succession? If so, what is it, where is it strong and where is it weak?
    • Does the l10n team have linguistic resources (e.g., Firefox glossary, style guide, etc.) to sustain the project?
    • If yes, how did they create them? Would they be willing to mentor other teams to create their own?
  • Recruitment -- Arky
  • Localizer recognition -- Peiying
    • Does the l10n team feel like they receive enough recognition from Mozilla for their efforts?
      • What form of recognition is most appreciated?
    • Does the l10n team provide recognition to outstanding members of the team?
  • L10n gatherings and Mozilla Reps -- Jeff
    • How often does your l10n team get together physically?
    • Do you know who your local Mozilla Rep l10n ally is?
    • What makes a successful l10n gathering for your l10n community?
    • How important do feel physical meetups are for your l10n community and the work you do?
  • Communication -- what's working, what isn't, how do l10n-drivers support your locales more?
  • RTL Bugs & Testing
Lunch -- Renuka hotel
Afternoon (Breakouts)
  • Dashboard review, and translation catchup work where localization work has not been completed
    • Discussion lead by l10n teams to share common practices between your languages & how they might be relevant to other localization teams.
  • Update team wiki pages
  • Take l10n hackathon survey.
  • Group pictures
Dinner (8pm) -- Taprobane restaurant

Cinnamon Grand Colombo P.O. Box 252, 77, Galle Road, Colombo 03, Sri Lanka.


  • Currency exchange:

1USD ~ 140LKR (Sri Lankan Rupees) http://www.cbsl.gov.lk/htm/english/_cei/er/e_1.asp

  • Expecting heavy rains :

keep an raincoat or an umbrella http://www.accuweather.com/en/lk/colombo/311399/october-weather/311399?monyr=10/1/2015

  • Power

Voltage: 230 V Frequency: 50 Hz Power sockets: type D / G http://www.power-plugs-sockets.com/sri-lanka

  • Mobile/Data connection

You can by a connection at Airport. http://www.dialog.lk/tourist-plans 25GB data only connection should be 3000-4000LKR at Airport.

  • Mosque

For those who planning to visit the Mosque on Friday, There is a Mosque in the Marin drive, opposite of Bambalapitiya Railway station.

  • Transport:
    • Tuk Tuk is the best option (three wheeler): either 2 or 3 people can share one tuk tuk depend on your size. ;-)
  • Traffic:

Please expect traffic before school start and off on Friday morning 7-8.00AM and afternoon 1.00-2.00pm.

  • Smoking:

No smoke in public places and transport

  • Customs and tax


  • Telegram

Telegram Group created for conversation between l10n participants. Telegram Group Link: https://telegram.me/joinchat/CFOp4ABKri-GxyFDF92D9w

  • Mobile Telephone/ Internet

Pick up free Pre-Paid Tourist SIM connection at the Immigration Counters in Sri Lanka Airport. Then you can top up credit to buy Internet bundles. https://www.dialog.lk/tourist-plans