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News and Talking Points

  • Mozilla Festival (mathjazz)
  • [stas] I might be taking up the track lead role for B2G at MozCamp, thoughts?
  • [stas] Gaia work week in Brazil end of August, should I go?
    • connect with Régis Eduardo if possible. find out where he lives and invite to the work week.


   Time and location: Monday, 8 AM PST, conf bridge 206 
   irc.mozilla.org #l10n-drivers for back-channel 
   Call-in details: https://wiki.mozilla.org/L10n:Planning#Meeting_Details
   Previous meeting notes: https://wiki.mozilla.org/L10n:Planning
   Attendees: pascalc, stas, pike, jeff, gandalf, chofmann

Action Items


add [done] to items completed last week; remove previous [done] items




  • [done] fix all remaining bugs in pyAST
  • [done] figure out options for accomodation/workspace for L10n Drivers work week
  • [done] get B2G on my SGS2 installed for press demos
  • [done] transportation options for MozCamp from Modlin/Okęcie
  • [done] Feedback analysis from russia
  • need to release pyAST as a package for pypi
  • experimenting with an option to axe 3way diff / source string diff for L20n 1.0 as per Pike's feedback
  • vagrant l20n package demo & blog post


  • Finish ReMo slides.
  • Follow up with ta, ar, and bn-BD teams.
  • Follow up on icon and twitter feed discussions
  • Send out team page update emails.
  • Determine strategy for creating tutorial screencasts (e.g., dynamic/static, tool, audience, content creators, etc.)
  • [done] Draft and submit three MozCamp EU proposals.
  • [done] Post GSoC interview on blog.
  • [done; talking with Lee Tom. See https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=759497] Discuss branding for Twitter feed with Creative.
  • [need help from Pike to hack outreach utility] Outreach for updating team wiki pages.
  • [done] Create and publish L10n stock responses wiki page (https://wiki.mozilla.org/L10n:Stock_Responses).
  • [done] Continue work with bn-BD and ta teams.
  • [done]The baby WILL come this week, come hell or high water!


  • [done] Pontoon: talk to Transifex about deleting strings through their API
  • [done] Pontoon: announce that we are looking for a pilot project (blog, ReMo, WebFWD)
  • [done] Persona: communicated derailed train
  • [done] Persona: resolve string and l10n preview issues
  • Pontoon: SVN & LDAP bindings
  • Pontoon: Update Transvision API call
  • Pontoon: Update Bing Translate API call
  • Persona: get strings ready for the new train and communicate with localizers


  • [done] Affiliates platform - FB app review, testing and website string merges
  • [done] Some productization check-ups
  • [done] Bedrock hacking
  • Final testing of Affiliates FB app this week
    • string merge for Affiliates FB app
    • Finish up news item translation
  • Productization bugs double-check
  • LSV update


  • [done] Facebook app campaign during Olympic games launched (9 locales)
  • [done] Relaunched Transvision tool at transvision.mozfr.org and started hacking on it for small improvements
  • [done] several meetings around bedrock bugs blocking l10n and who can work on them in webdev
  • [done] Various updates to existing page
  • Get emails in contribute page working for Portuguese
  • Start porting firefox/new from PHP to bedrock
  • Update transvision for small bug fixes (/ex remove Occitan, add new locales)


  • [done] some work on elmo
  • [done] sign-off reviews
  • [done] Fennec 14 native PM
  • [done] Fennec 15/16/17 planning meeting.
    • Erin to get string freeze for 16 next
    • expose progress towards that in public
  • worked on beta uplift for Acholi, [done] blocked by IT bug 777692
    • [done] also blocking other new locales
  • wrap up some elmo patches (releng shipping flow)
  • l10n qa for fennec (meeting on Friday)


  • [done] submitted a MozCamp session proposal
  • [done] Gaia work week:
    • schedule changes, see my blog and m.d.l10n
    • a lot of meetings with releng and relmgmt
      • b2g will ship off of gecko 17
      • langpacks likely not feasible in v1
  • B2G: meeting with releng this week to finalize Gaia l10n/build
  • Pike: up for going to SF on Friday to talk to joduinn? Nope, fennec QA meeting conflicts OK, I'll let joduinn know
  • talk to Peter Scanlon about B2G branding and other engagement activities