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News and Talking Points

  • news about moving B2G strings from github to hg ? (people asked me about that for Transvision)
  • who is on holidays when ?
  • Pike, gandalf and stas are in MV this week to talk l20n among other things


   Time and location: Monday, 8 AM PST, conf bridge 206 
   irc.mozilla.org #l10n-drivers for back-channel 
   Call-in details: https://wiki.mozilla.org/L10n:Planning#Meeting_Details
   Previous meeting notes: https://wiki.mozilla.org/L10n:Planning
   Attendees: pascalc, stas, pike, jeff, gandalf, chofmann, milos, matjaz

Action Items

put holiday dates here:

pascal aug 20-sept 4 milos? matjaz: sept 14-17 jeff - back to full time on last week in aug stas in brazil end of aug axel time off next week chofmann tues and next monday


add [done] to items completed last week; remove previous [done] items




  • [done] tests for pyast
  • [done] ressurect python LOL->JS compiler
  • release pyast
  • release pyjs


  • Finish ReMo slides.
  • Edit L10n on Mercurial tutorial.
  • Make adjustments to WikiMo L10n flow & home page based on recent feedback.
  • Draft "Interpreting dashboards" doc on MDN.
  • Prepare June survey feedback to team.
  • Help find l20n demo/first project.
  • Follow up on conversation about Get Involved inquiries with pt-BR, ES, Boswell, and Rosana.
  • [done, continuing] Follow up with ta, ar, and bn-BD teams.
  • [done] Follow up on icon and twitter feed discussions
  • [done] Send out team page update emails.
  • [done, https://wiki.mozilla.org/L10n:Documentation/Screencast_Videos] Determine strategy for creating tutorial screencasts (e.g., dynamic/static, tool, audience, content creators, etc.)


  • [done] Pontoon: Update Transvision API call
  • [done] Pontoon: Update Bing Translate API call
  • [done] Pontoon: Delete translations on Transifex
  • [done] Persona: get strings ready for the new train and communicate with localizers
  • Pontoon: continue SVN & LDAP bindings
  • Pontoon: Admin interface


  • [done] Bedrock hacking
  • [done] Productization bugs double-check
  • Final testing of Affiliates FB app this week
    • string merge for Affiliates FB app
    • [done] Finish up news item translation
  • LSV update


  • [done] Transvision 1.1, first update of the tool with a few enhancements, a lot of feedback via multiple channels
  • [done] Autoresponse emails in contrinbute page translated (11 emails) in pt-BR
  • [done] bug triaging on old mozilla.org/europe bugs, down from 84 bugs assigned to me to 35 \o/
  • [delayed] Start porting firefox/new from PHP to bedrock
  • get manual responses emails translated in pt-BR too
  • create a contribute branch on github (because webdev team still hasn't done it) and port all the changesets needed to get that branch working
  • work with Benjamin Sternthal on creating a new Bugzilla module for mozilla.org l10n


  • Fennec 16
    • Erin to get string freeze for 16 next
    • expose progress towards that in public
  • beta uplift for Acholi
  • wrap up some elmo patches (releng shipping flow)
  • l10n qa for fennec, follow up actions: https://etherpad.mozilla.org/qa-l10n-meeting
  • Aisle
    • still not sure how c9 works wrt extensions


  • [done] recorded a screencast about l12y testing in Gaia, not published yet
  • [done] B2G: meeting with releng this week to finalize Gaia l10n/build
  • talk to Peter Scanlon about B2G branding and other engagement activities