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Meeting Details

  • Time and location: Wednesday, 10.30 AM PST, conf bridge 206
  • irc.mozilla.org #l10n-drivers for back-channel

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Meeting Notes

  • Notetaker: Pike
  • Attendees: Pike, tarend, Topal, Milos, juanb


Who is the "product owner" for verbatim? 
verbatim is a pootle install that was set up by gandalf and wenzel
Who has been developing it so far? 
not really developed, just slightly adjusted
connection between verbatim and elmo? 
no realy connection, elmo is status updates and verbatim is translation interface. they don't overlap on the projects so far either, that is, verbatim doesn't expose things that are on elmo and vice versa. it'd be nice to have elmo report status of verbatim-hosted projects at some point, but that's far out. In the back-end, both are django projects, much like amo and sumo are, and it'd be nice for elmo to have their translation coverage reports integrated, too.
right now probably a verbatim task. if it was to move somewhere else, Pike would guess it's phonebook, that is, people identify themselves as contributors, get vetted and credits could get get aggregated from there.

Mobile langpacks

The status is pretty dangling, neither tarend nor pike have full grasp of the open and closed bugs. Pike sees some pieces open on the platform side (see bug 677092 for example), and basically everything open on the automation side. See tarend's action item to invite for a meeting to get a firm grip on the status, and the remaining work items.

Mobile locale status

We don't have a real criteria for "in" or "out" for locales so far, neither for desktop nor for mobile, nor for thunderbird or seamonkey. For desktop, we flew below the radar given that most strings were devtools so far. That's changing with 7, where we have the "own your addons" new UI for all users. Need to have a meeting on that, see action item for pike below.

Understanding what's in the multi-locale build of the things we build will become less important with the multi going away, so not clear how much effort we'll spend on that.

Action Items

  • tarend to invite for langpacks-on-amo status wrt platform/product/automation
  • pike to guide meeting between l10n and product for at least desktop to figure out the story for Fx 7 around keeping or dropping lagging localizations.