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Meeting Details

  • Time and location: Wednesday, 10.30 AM PST, conf bridge 206
  • irc.mozilla.org #l10n-drivers for back-channel

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Previous Action Items

  • stas: email to steven gerrity about state of mozilla; mozilla.org codebase is fine; we need the basic html markup with the content by the end of the week
  • kadir: talk to laura thomson about making changes to the registration page


  • wclouser: send an email to .web asking localizers' opinions about turning locales off on AMO
  • pike and stas: talk about engagement projects' workload

Meeting Notes

  • Notetaker: Axel
  • Attendees: Axel, Jeff, Topal, Milos, chofmann

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Action Items



MozCamp Agendas

call for speakers


We're pretty packed on the Europe event, moco folks register with the form that Mary sent around. Axel has some talks in the pipeline, others should make some good thoughts on their participation as well.


We're less packed so far. Not sure which size constraints this event will have, though.


Chofmann to reach out for this round of contracts. Axel sent out an initial post to .l10n about tools positioning, no feedback so far. The next round is to rewrite the framing we have on the etherpad into a more digestible post to get the criteria sorted out.

Project pages

We're on some project pages for Firefox, but nothing for Engagement, AFAWK. Invite deb and Asa to one of our meetings to plan out what we can do with project pages for our planning, within Firefox, and much more, with Engagement.