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Meeting Details

  • Time and location: Wednesday, 8 AM PST, conf bridge 206
  • irc.mozilla.org #l10n-drivers for back-channel

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Meeting Notes

  • Notetaker:
  • Attendees:
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Action Items


New locales updates

Khmer (km)


status: in beta channel, p12n done, beta repo green

Action items:

  • Milos and Axel to review latest fixes Vannak landed
  • Milos to make sure Vannak works on Aurora

Acholi (ach)


status: in aurora channel, 3 bugs for p12n to go, aurora red

Action items:

  • Milos to ping in the bugs once more and check for the progress

Fulah (ff)


status: in aurora, p12n all done, aurora has 1 missing string

Action items:

  • Ibrahima to test aurora builds - sent an email
  • Milos do double check if initial landing review comments are fixed - FIXED

Note: looks good for going into beta

Malay (ms)


in aurora, 3 bugs in p12n to go, aurora doesn't look good

Action items:

  • Milos to follow up in the bugs and help with suggestions
  • Milos and Pascal to set up the web parts/dev-site for Muhammad

Burmese (my)


Maithili (mai)


in beta, 3 p12n bugs to go, beta repo good, aurora missing strings

Action items:

  • Milos and Pascal to take a look at webparts bug and comment what's left to do
  • MIlos to ping once more in other p12n bugs

Wolof (wo)


status: in aurora, 5 p12n bugs to go, aurora repo red

Action items:

  • Try to evive the effort - ping in the bugs and mail localizer(s)

Project updates

Firefox Desktop

Firefox Mobile


Wrote a bash script to install Bedrock on Linux if you are interested: https://github.com/pascalchevrel/BedrockInstallScript

Lots of debugging on bedrock as I hit bugs while working on localizing the first pages, two pages are used as test fields: apps/partners which is just translation contribute/ which will use l10n blocks to allow different content per locale

(Those are the first 2 pages I do without webdev help \o/)

Rik is probably going to become the bedrock contact person in Europe in q3 (good for l10n because he is in a timezone more l10n friendly).





Other engagement projects



Tools / L20n