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About Ashesi 

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Ashesi University is a coeducational institution whose mission is to educate African leaders of exceptional integrity and professional ability. By raising the bar for higher education in Ghana we aim to make a significant contribution towards a renaissance in Africa. Read more about Ashesi
  • Professor/s: Astrid Twenebowa Larssen
  • Department Website:[1] 

2011 Project Topics for HCI Course

In the HCI course students are introduced to the basics of HCI, usability and user-centered methods for developing usable and useful technology. Overall, the aim of the course is to develop the students’ skills and abilities in critiquing, analyzing, evaluating and designing technology.

  • Type of Class: CS students in their 3rd year 
  • No.of Students: 26 

Below are the topics that this years students have embarked on.


Intersections between potential user needs and evolving technologies.
Full topic description & resources

In collaboration with: Mozilla Mobile - Contact: Thomas Arend, Principal Product Manager


Multi-touch interaction, gestural interface design for controlling web activities.
Full topic description & resources

<In collaboration with: Rainbow - Mozilla Labs>


Apps for mobile is a well-known way to interact with the Web; anything bigger than that?
Full topic description & resources

<In collaboration with: Appetizer - Mozilla Labs>


Are people buried among all tabs, pages, histories and notifications? How a browser can help people manage that?
Full topic description & resources

<In collaboration with: Prospector - Mozilla Labs>

2011 Teams & Outputs

Latest Student Outreach Activities