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Add support for multiple SDK releases and attachment editing. Smooth the user experience.


Milestone Expected Actual Notes
Thaw Monday, August 9 Monday, August 9
Freeze Saturday, August 28 Saturday, August 28
push to staging Monday, August 30 Thursday, September 2
push to production Monday, September 5 Wednesday, September 22


Summary Owner Priority References Status Notes
simultaneously support SDK releases 0.7, 0.6, and 0.5 Piotr P1 bug 580812 [DONE] Implementation idea Installation and Usage doc
make it possible to create and edit text attachments Piotr P1 bug 591329 [MISSED]
override or warn on sending the user back in page history from delete key press Piotr P1 bug 577735 [DONE] [delete] bug was actually done with new Bespin as it is stealing focus. Now every unsaved change is sending a "change" event which is preventing from unloading the page
optimize helper addon installation experience Piotr P1 bug 586109 (bug 586277?) [DONE] Integration Doc 586109 [DONE] , Check if the 586277 is better to be done on the Addon Helper (onDestroy: window.mozFlightDeck = false)
save addon name/description changes immediately Piotr P2 bug 573858 bug 577736 bug 583748 backend: [DONE] ; frontend: [MISSED] not hard to do, front-end job needed