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JEP 21 - jetpack.toolbar

  • Champion: David Dahl <ddahl at mozilla dot com>
  • Status: Planning
  • Type: API Track
  • Created: 27 July 2009
  • Reference Implementation: jetpack.toolbar
  • JEP Index

Introduction and Rationale

The 'toolbar' namespace will provide Jetpack developers the ability to modify toolbars in chrome space in the browser.


Create an easy way to get a handle on the navigation toolbar, the bookmarks toolbar. Provide an elegant API to add, modify and remove items for each bar, as well as hiding and showing the toolbars.

// get an abstracted "jetpacky" nav bar object / bookmarks bar object
var navBar = jetpack.toolbar.navigation();

// return the array of 'toolbarbutton' objects

// remove the 3rd child:

// get a button labeled 'my button'
var btn = navBar.find({label:"my button"});

// replace the function bound to the button = function ClickerFunk(){ alert("I clicked my button");};

// number of toolbar buttons: acts like an array

// make a button
var button = {
    // 'self' would refer to the button
    // 'self.toolbar' would refer to the parentNode
    id: 73, // or "foobutton"
    label: "my button", 
    imageDefault: "",
    imageAlternate: "",
    click: function(){self.image(self.imageAlternate);},
    mouseover: function(){;},
    customAttribute: ""

// change the image displayed

// move the button
button.moveRight(); // move to the right 1 slot

button.moveLeft(3); // move to the left 3 slots

// .append() and .prepend():

//append button to the end of the toolbar

// prepend button to the beginning of the toolbar

// find a button by label or other string or number attribute
var anotherButton = navBar.find({label:'their button'});

// append button to toolbar after 'anotherButton'
navbar.append(button, anotherButton);

// find and append after the button labeled "their button"
navbar.append(button, 'their button');

// get the bookmarks toolbar
var bookmarksBar = jetpack.toolbar.bookmarks();

//make a bookmark button
var bookmarkButton = {label: "", 
		      image: "",
                      type: 'bookmark' // the default

// bookmark and feed buttons use the same methods to attach, move, find vis a vis the toolbar 

var feedButton = { label: "my RSS feed",
		   image: "",
		   url: "",
		   type: "feed"

// make an entirely new toolbar
var newToolbar = { id: 'myGreatAppToolbar'};

// append it to the toolbar box


Initial Implementation API

For the initial implementation, the api will be restricted to:


// Create button options. This can be done in a separate object like this,
// or passed inline to append.
var myButton = {
  id: "fooButton",
  label: "FOO!",
  tooltip: "Click on my to do something.",
  image: "",
  click: function(event) { console.log("FOO! has been clicked") }

// Append the button to the toolbar

// Remove the button from the toolbar

// Create button options for the bookmarks toolbar.
var myOtherButton = {
  id: "barButton",
  label: "BAR!",
  tooltip: "Go to",
  image: "",
  url: ""

// Append the button to the toolbar

// Remove the button from the toolbar