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JEP stands for Jetpack Enhancement Proposal. A JEP is a proposal for an enhancement to the Jetpack add-ons development platform. JEPs are a mechanism for collecting ideas and influencing Jetpack development.

Each JEP has a champion who is responsible for writing the proposal and driving the discussion of its merits. Any Jetpack project participant can be a champion. JEPs are numbered by increasing consecutive integers, listed on this page, and discussed in the Jetpack discussion forum.

JEPs are not the only mechanism for influencing Jetpack development, and they're often not the best one. Consider proposing and discussing new APIs and enhancements to existing ones in the Jetpack discussion forum without writing a JEP, since most changes can be proposed, discussed, agreed upon, and implemented without the heavyweight formal process of a JEP. Other options include:

  • file bug reports about bugs;
  • go ahead and implement APIs that don't need to be in the core Jetpack library (or for which it's not clear whether or not they belong in the core), then distribute them to add-on developers via your own website (or, once available, via FlightDeck).


To champion a JEP, assign it the next available integer and create a wiki page for it. Name the page after its number, and put it in the /Labs/Jetpack/JEP/ namespace. Refer to existing JEPs for guidance on formatting. Reference the page in the list below.

Assign the new JEP the initial status [PROPOSED] . Announce it and solicit feedback in the Jetpack discussion forum. Revise it as appropriate in response to feedback.

After discussion of the proposal, if it is approved by Jetpack leads, mark it [APPROVED] . Otherwise, mark it [DECLINED] . Reference bugs tracking the implementation status of an approved proposal in the list of proposals below. Once an approved proposal has been implemented (which may uncover issues that necessitate changes to the proposal), mark it [IMPLEMENTED] .


# Title Owner Status Version Bug
101 No-Restarts Atul [IMPLEMENTED] Firefox 3.7a5 bug 542385
102 Single UI Element Aza [IMPLEMENTED] SDK 0.4/SDK 0.5 bug 543585
102.1 Extension Auto-Detection Daniel [PROPOSED]
103 Panel Myk [IMPLEMENTED] SDK 0.5 bug 494238
104 Simple Storage Drew [IMPLEMENTED] SDK 0.4 bug 548589
105 Life-cycle Aza [IMPLEMENTED] SDK 0.5 bug 549324
106 Registered Jetpack URLs Atul [DECLINED] bug 549319
107 Page Mods Daniel [PROPOSED] SDK 0.5 bug 546739
108 Page Worker Daniel [IMPLEMENTED] SDK 0.4 bug 546740
109 Request Myk [IMPLEMENTED] SDK 0.5 bug 547091
110 Tabs Myk [IMPLEMENTED] SDK 0.5 bug 549317
111 Selection Myk [IMPLEMENTED] SDK 0.5 bug 547092
112 Context Menu Drew [IMPLEMENTED] SDK 0.3 bug 548590
113 Localization Gandalf [IMPLEMENTED] SDK 0.5 bug 549315
114 Places Ddahl [PROPOSED] SDK 0.5 bug 545700
115 Content Frames Brian [IMPLEMENTED] SDK 0.5 bug 549316
116 Private Browsing Ehsan [IMPLEMENTED] SDK 0.4 bug 503233
117 URL Myk [IMPLEMENTED] SDK 0.4 bug 564524
118 JetpackID Brian [IMPLEMENTED] SDK 0.4 bug 553020
119 ctypes Dan Witte [PROPOSED]
120 Audio Garrison [PROPOSED] bug 553020


These JEPs were written during the experimental phase of the project, when we were developing the prototype. Now that we are no longer working on the prototype, these JEPs are no longer applicable. They are archived here for reference purposes.