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JEP 30 - onInstall Event

  • Champion: Aza Raskin <aza at mozilla dot com>
  • Editors: Drew <drew at mozilla dot com>
  • Status: Implementing
  • Type: API Track
  • Created: 2 Dec 2009
  • Reference Implementation: None
  • Relevant Bugs:
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Introduction and Rationale

This JEP describes an API for allowing Jetpack authors to do something upon first run.

After installing a Jetpack, without some sort of instructions on how to use the features just installed, the user can feel lost, bewildered, and confused. The first-time experience is exactly when users need the greatest reassurance and instruction, which is why so many Firefox add-ons create a first-run page to explain and guide the user through the new functionality. This is a stop-gap measure before we have a better version JEP 30.



Upon install of the Jetpack, this function gets called.


jetpack.onInstall(function(){"" );

jetpack.onInstall(function(){"Use the context menu, Luke!");