Labs/Jetpack/Weekly Meeting/2010-09-14

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  • followups from last meeting
  • E10S integration update
  • FlightDeck 1.0a5 status
  • SDK 0.8 status
  • roundtable
    • git switch delay
    • spreading reviews around


  • E10S Integration update
    • (with pictures!)
    • Atul wants feedback from module authors: especially dietrich and adw
    • much discussion about 3.6/4.0 compatibility, using modules from both add-on and chrome code
    • proposal raised to drop 3.6 compatibility. At least drop 3.6-compat as a requirement: it might be 3.6-compatible, by accident, but we don't need to require that.
  • Flightdeck 1.0a5 status
    • has a blocker (594211), server might be running the wrong code, Piotr will work with Zandr to figure it out
    • Piotr is working with AMO team to integrate FlightDeck into AMO, including moving from Labs hardware to AMO hardware (, which means a security review.
    • working on security bugs from that review
    • Will and Daniel will own it after handoff
  • SDK 0.8 status
    • E10S-compat for Widget: miss
    • E10S-compat for Private Browsing: miss
    • high-vs-low-level modules: at risk, might still happen
    • enforce manifest: done
    • identify dependencies by relative path: at risk
    • Places, E10S-compat for ContextMenu, Prompting Notifications: miss (competing with FF4 work)
    • E10S-compat for PageMods: irakli is splitting patch into pieces for review, still at risk
    • Sidebar: miss, E10S work is more important
    • PageMods (non-E10S): done
    • E10S-compat for PageWorker: done (last week)
    • rename product to "Add-on SDK": at risk (but patch up for review)
  • based on the misses, let's not call 0.8 a "beta". We need one more cycle.
    • Too many API changes are still pending
      • E10S-compat -caused API changes
      • changes to event-listener patterns
      • changes to singleton-registry services (resig's comments, adw's proposal) i.e. just construct a Panel, don't construct+register
    • therefore, let's not push on renaming 0.8 to "Add-on SDK"
  • roundtable
    • git/github: delay switch until after the first beta release
      • Scott (from says 2nd week of october looks good for some on-site training
    • reviewing patches: please jump in! Myk in particular is buried in r?
    • Jetpack promotion video: 5min demo of flightdeck+SDK in the works (based upon Myk's summit demo)
    • Irakli: he's updated some bugs with notes about CommonJS compatbility, require() names can have namespaces