Labs/Jetpack/Weekly Meeting/2011-03-01

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  • Brian saw test timeout, will investigate
  • FD 1.0a9
    • keyboard shortcuts: created, but front-facing UI is not done yet. on track, likely to land
    • restyling to resemble AMO, looking into a contractor
    • in-edit versioning: should probably make it
    • update to SDK-1.0b3: should happen
    • hoping to ship maintenance release on thursday, might slip a day or two
    • next major release aimed for march 24th
    • SDK-1.0b4 target is wed march 23rd, we should try to coordinate, to get b4 into flightdeck release
  • SDK1.0b3
    • released! half an hour ago!
    • we're seeing more uptake, more buzz, maybe because it's good, maybe because FF4 is approaching
    • we might need some longer-term technical planning: some of the tasks that missed are large, and we've lost Atul (and folks who have the history) to other projects
    • docs changes were big, caused some regressions when landed, we may try to land changes like that earlier next cycle
    • good stuff landed: traits, alexp's test-fixing and pageworker-attaching patches
    • tests are more reliable now. still kinda noisy, but that's ok
  • SDK1.0b4
    • should think of it as polishing. FF4 will probably ship about the same time, which will give 1.0b4 a lot of publicity. b4 will be the best way for devs to write FF4 addons
    • still uncertain about e10s, whether to delay 1.0 until it's ready, or ship without e10s plan in place
    • get feedback to Myk about b4 plan by tomorrow 2pm pacific
    • we'll do a status update on this next week
  • roundtable
    • dbuc ported a basic node.js/NPM module into jetpack world, was stymied by the distinct sandboxes, such that one module was unable to modify globals in another one, could use a better technique
    • alexp looking at cross-process platform features