Labs/Jetpack/Weekly Meeting/2011-10-25

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  • kwierso
  • dcm
  • canuckistani
  • zer0
  • gozala
  • ochameau
  • krizsa
  • warner
  • arron
  • dbuc
  • myk
  • ejpbruel
  • mossop
  • jorgev
  • wbamberg
  • dietrich



  • shipped 1.2 last Tuesday
  • then shipped 1.2.1 last Wednesday
  • 1.2.1 was hotfix release for incorrect Firefox minVersion (was 7; has to be 7.0)
  • hotfix release looks solid
  • merged to stabilization for 1.3 last Tuesday
  • if you fix a bug that should ship in the next release, ping drivers
  • gozala and warner working on big linker changes
  • should land in a couple days, might cause regressions
  • low-level stuff changing, not sure about user-facing stuff
  • would be good to test on FlightDeck in advance


  • good progress on Q4 goals
  • frontend templates being converted from Django to Jinja
  • integrating Shipyard JavaScript MVC framework into editor page
  • built RESTful API for frontend to communicate with backend
  • making progress on search functionality
  • testing repacks from 1.1 to 1.2
  • so far no negative feedback from folks using SDK 1.2.1 release on Builder

SDK compatibility with Firefox versions

  • set minVersion to 9.0a1 on development (master) branch last week
  • that broke Apps team doing continuous integration with SDK and all Firefox branches
  • also broke other developers who track SDK development closely
  • considering setting minVersion back to most recent stable Firefox release (7.0.1)
  • this adds responsibility to maintain such compatibility
  • and might mean more work to keep code compatible, although it shouldn't be too bad
  • don't yet have integration, continuous or otherwise, with all Firefox branches
  • but do have plans to stand that up
  • and addon audience not necessarily running latest version of firefox
  • and its ok to test manually in the meantime and rely on addon developers telling us about problems they find
  • general assent to set minVersion to most recent stable Firefox release
  • -> myk to do so

Mobile Work Week

  • dcm and zer0 at mobile work week last week
  • this week mobile team is working on traditional tools for building addons
  • outcome will be wiki page documenting implemented functionality
  • they want to get one or two of most popular addons, f.e. AdBlock Plus
  • once we know options, particularly UI, we can start working on support for it
  • in the meantime, we should focus on content support (i.e. page mods)

AMO Reviews

  • fligtar invited Jetpack contributors to review SDK-based addons
  • seems like a good idea
  • AMO team has plan to fast-track SDK-based addons that don't require("chrome")
  • go to AMO:Editors and ping jorgev and/or dcm for more

Landing New Loader

  • question about how easy it is to back it out
  • question about whether or not to rebase history
  • two branches, 30-40 commits
  • rewriting history means if there's an issue with the patch, and it needs to be backed out, it's much harder to find the regression
  • for l10n support, it would be better to do this sooner than later
  • ochameau's XPI simplification patch only depends on brian's branch with no runtime search
  • plan is to merge it into a single branch, then "flatten it out" (?) and merge that branch into dev
  • -> warner, gozala, and ochameau to get together after meeting and work out a schedule

bugzilla github service hooks mailing list

  • github has pretty smart service hooks for bugzilla
  • like closing a bug when you commit a change for it with certain text in comment
  • requires a bugzilla user account
  • we should experiment with it
  • -> warner to do so

Super Ghetto Sidebar Module! [2]

  • clones sidebar elements that already exist
  • you provide it with content, it loads it into a sidebar
  • -> dbuc to look into converting it into a patch that can land in core
  • widget is the best example for how to implement this